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Originally Posted by TeddiursaFan View Post
The backround is that your the champion of Kanto and get a free ticket from Oak to go to the Ryen region where the game takes place. You actually start playing when your going to the region; that is where you leave your pokemon on the night stand (they are not revealed yet). That is when you get your new pokemon and actually start playing with a lvl. 5. Does this make since?
Yes this is correct. There is a whole story of a trainer who
traveled through kanto that happened before Ryen. The storyline
of Ryen focuses on what happens after you become champion of
kanto. LugiaQueen2 you should really read the first post before posting.

Todays's Screen!
New sprite for the hero and a new Trainer Card!

Sorry the screen is a little late but here's
the new trainer card as it looks in-game
along with a new sprite for the hero!

What do you guys think? Critisism would be great!
While messing around with the scripts i've gotten a
deeper understanding of how scripting works so as
I improve my scripting you might see more custom
edits or systems. I'm trying to get a new pokemon
navagational system scripted (pokegear, poketch,
etc...) but ay help would be appreciated!
Pokemon Ryen
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