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    From the immense delay of viruses on my laptop, my fic was supposed to be finished two months ago... I couldn't even log in.
    To save me the stress of worrying about spywares entering my computer and eating my Word documents, I'm posting my fic saftely and immediately.
    Critiscism- I shall gladly accept no matter how cruel and unfriendly it sounds.

    By: Ayouki Emerald

    Anyone can carry his burden, however hard, until nightfall. Anyone can do his work, however hard, for one day. Anyone can live sweetly, patiently, lovingly, purely, till the sun goes down, no matter what impasse they collide with just to save someone else.


    An illustrious emerald, dragon Pokémon gradually appeared out of the dreary and faded atmosphere of the planet. It seemed to be squirming toward the shady and mysterious periphery; higher still, only a whiff of air remains. The Pokémon abruptly stopped above the lingering clouds blanketing the humongous, blue and green sphere, hovering momentarily as it did. Outlandish, golden patterns embedded in its reptile-like membrane suddenly glowed resplendently-displaying a quite vivid illumination. Opening its mouth wide, an intense, orange ball of energy formed inside the cavities of its orifice. It swiftly launched a powerful beam emanating with devastating power, intentions not to annihilate, but to defend. A forceful ray raced toward its target like a brilliant, searing arrow. Unknown to the Pokémon, the projectile was traveling at more than two hundred miles per hour and it was the size of an undersized moon; seeming to have an extensive appendage of dust and ice with a flaring blue head that gives the impression to cross the velvety night sky-size as caustic and vicious. Having no precursor of terror or fear portrayed on its face, the Pokémon, without a second thought attacked to protect its home. The potent and destructive beam the emerald-colored Pokémon discharged collided with the indefinite object and it looked as if nothing happened; nothing at all. Only a minute and brief flash of light appearing to where the beam had struck. The huge entity still continued to head toward its destined path. A strident and deafening roar escaped out of the dragon-like Pokémon. As the great projectile came in nearer and quicker, it seemed to fume with an indigo-colored aura.

    The Pokémon launched more beams from its mouth, desperately furious to slow the incoming threat down, relentless bombardment. But, to no utter avail, efforts-tossed and shattered. It was too massive and coming in too quickly…

    Another Pokémon unexpectedly flew into the scene as the other was blasting the object dreadfully. It had a humanoid-like structure. Grayish stripes intervening from the sides of its long, slender tentacles and to the rest of its lean body; the rear of its cranium had an elongated shape with orange and bluish-green streaks; a weird crystalline organ was centered in its chest, glowing faintly. The Pokémon looked at its dragon-like companion besides it; seeming to gently bob its head. The emerald Pokémon glanced back at its cohort, its small yellow pupils sparked-an indication of immediate awareness.

    Both of them then turned their attention to the mysterious threat that was approaching their home, sentient of jeopardy. Like previously, the dragon-like Pokémon opened its mouth, generating a beam like before, self-assured of its capability. The humanoid-like Pokémon on the other hand, centered its digit-less appendages in front of its chest. A huge and intense energy ball was appearing, growing exponentially. At the same time, the two launched their attacks at the perilous object, obliteration seemingly impending. Both of the attacks strike the entity at an overwhelming impact, chaotic resonance followed after. The combined energy formed a huge smog cloud around the large, cobalt-colored projectile. Silence abounds momentarily. Suddenly, the thick miasma cleared; both of them stood still to witness if their efforts prevailed. Out of the murky dust and debris, the object appeared, apparently still whole. As if it had not been harmed in any way, shedding only inconsequential loss. It was closing the gap from itself and the two Pokémon, but now; they noticed it had slowed down slightly. Their attacks had triumph but it still wasn’t enough to impede it.

    It was still a threat no matter how dawdling it traveled. But, swiftly, the humanoid Pokémon altered its shape, acclimatizing cautiously to deal with the situation. Soaring in front of the large moving object. The dragon-like Pokémon bellowed vociferously again; it opens its mouth, and this time, a light-blue luminosity formed within its jaws. It launched yet another beam; this time, the beam froze the obverse side of the object. It was now glistening due to the absolute frost, also as fragile as a glass. The humanoid-like Pokémon looked bulkier than before; its shoulders reached the zenith of its head and its human-like appendages fused. The orange and bluish green mass was now covering its body instead of the slender, grey one it once had. Pointing its arms forward, an invisible barrier formed before the object collided with the Pokémon. The clash emanated an intense, blinding illumination. Soon, a raucous explosion was heard even from depths below.

    The two Pokémon plummeted towards the ground, unconscious due to the great outburst of energy, foremost ramparts failed.

    The object split into four smaller sections; heading towards in different directions at incredible speed. The barrages of the two somehow made this possible. Scattered to dissimilar parts of the planet, the four separated pieces crashed violently onto three colossal land masses. As it did so, a large blue energy wave raced everywhere. Spreading like an unstoppable and an incurable disease…

    Little did the inhabitants of this ill-fated planet know that once the inexplicable object crashed on the ground; their lives would be eternally changed and scar them ceaselessly. It was only a matter of time before everything would fall apart.


    The year was 2015; the world that its inhabitants once knew was full of serenity, unanimity & peace. Until the sapphire meteors crashed on the planet; it corrupted everything once it fell on Earth excluding the Pokémon.

    Pokemon Centers, Gyms, Contest Halls, and the Pokemon League served as facilities for competitions to be housed, aided and hld the witnessed battles in the past; but NOW the battles once cradled by sportsmanship and trust tainted into a battles for each individuals own lives. The humans acted bizarrely with in a few days. The Pokémon’s population started to dwindle mysteriously once it all happened-everything within a matter of months; all species of Pokémon were affected. And the most awful part was they didn’t know why. They would just simply vanish without a trace…

    The suspicion was the humans along with the incidental crash of the meteor were responsible for the brisk diminution of their kind. Brunette, with a few others like himself, sought after to find a logical answer. An immeasurable world-wide predicament for both the beings existing...

    They subsisted with the humans for a very long time; they prized and trained them to the finest of their aptitudes. Brunette too was once owned by a human. But since he saw the anomalous behavior of his superiors; he began doubting their trust once he witnessed their actions.

    On the second night since the sapphire meteor fell, Brunette and his fellow Pokémon estranged their selves from their beloved trainers once they perceived this bizarre “alteration”. He trusted his trainer with his existence; but once he observed what she & her kind were doing to theirs, Brunette felt sick to the core, simply striped of dignity and reliance. A blur of time and the events passing them…

    Brunette sensed her stirring peculiarly once she arrived that particular night, hesitant and bewildered whether to rely on his feelings or his instincts. The meteor’s arrival drove curiosity to her and her fathers mind like a significant clandestine being kept from them; so, they departed briefly to clench their inquisitiveness. They returned-coming back looking no less than the trainer he once loved and trusted; the small Pokémon felt something was terribly wrong.

    Really wrong.



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