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Hey I'm Crazyninjaguy, I've been using RMXP and Poccil's starter kit for ages and now I'm ready for my first game! I've already started because you can't really recruit people if you have nothing to show.
So really I need a team. What I need is
->Spriters - OverWorld
->Spriters - In-Game, Pokemon and such
->Mappers - I'll do most myself, but you have to have variety :D
->Eventers - I also know how to do this really well, so same as above, need variety!
->Anything else you can think of, all help is welcome!
So if anyone would like to help, please reply or PM me.
All help is welcome.
Anyway, here is what I have so far!

You are a young boy/girl living in HoneyDew Town in the south of Hure. One day, Professor Rowan comes round to your house looking for you, but you are asleep. You wake up and your mum tells you that you need to go round right away! So you walk over there as quickly as you can, only to find the Professor waiting for you to turn up. He tells you that the day before, he was out in the Poppy Woods doing some fieldwork, and he dropped his bag containing all his important research notes. He asks you to go and look for them, so you set out right away.
When you get there, you find your rival and a Team Rocket Grunt. The team rocket grunt has stolen your rival's aipom! Your Rival only has one other Pokemon, But, The problem is
he's just caught it, and doesn't know what moves it has! But seeing as you are an expert on Pokemon, he lends you his Pokemon, and you fight the rocket grunt and get his Aipom back!
Your rival thanks you, and hands you Professor rowan's bag that he found on his walk through the woods. You then go back to the lab to give Rowan back his bag, but, Some of the Research Papers are gone...

New Region
More Pokemon
Zoo Feature [Will become clear Later]
Mobile Pokemon Storage Unit
Minigames [Hopefully]
And some other stuff I don't want to give away yet.
But enough of this, you wanna see some screenshots right?
Well enjoy!


.:Credits (So Far):.
Poccil - Starter Kit
Kyledove - Some Tilesets
Fangking Omega - All FR/LG Charsets
Avatar - Custom Sprites
ZeroError - Pokemon Diamond Sprites - Fixed
Rm2k3kid - Original Diamond Sprites

.:Team (So Far):.
Crazyninjaguy - Team Leader - Everything
PlanetDev - Game Development Community