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    Chapter 4-Mysteries in the Mirage

    They docked on the sandy beaches of this seemingly deserted isle. Their feet sank in the smooth sand. Relief of touching the minute particles was clearly portrayed on their faces. Although the grief pursued them despite the fleeting sentiment.

    “Through here everybody!” Dragun led, glancing briefly into the thick miasma, suspicion blistered all through out.

    Dragun directed them to the deep, vegetative vicinity which griped the coast. Large, soaring trees sheltered the canopy above, dimming even more the forest floor below. It appears bleak for life to subsist such as small shrubbery below the great trees. Light can’t even permeate the solid darkness. Dragun’s bright appendage combustion cleared the way for them, despite the pitch-black obscurity. Brunette stood close to Dusk as they ambled toward the lighted path, secluded by each others encouraging presence.

    Soon after, Dragun exposed to them a huge, humid cavern within the forested area. It had become even darker than before, soon, they saw nothing. Although, his extremity glowed with intensity, illuminating the passageway to the cave. Piercing the perpetually thick shadows.

    As they entered the interior, Brunette noticed torches positioned adjacent each side. Dismal as it was, the cavern was well lit beyond the entrance. They saw other Pokémon huddled together & resting beyond the farther reaches of the place. Brunette observed a minority lying down, injured. Blissey, Chansey & Miltank alleviated the rest. The Pokémon who were there ogled at the new-comers. Brunette gazed upon numerous Pokémon looking vexed & bothered; some even had hope drained out of them. Hearts frenzied in depression. All of them were alike, everything, stolen from them in a single night, a thief annihilating their once suitable and contented lives. Brunette too, felt and suffered the identical affliction after his own trainer, the one that trained and treasured him to the fullest, betrayed and attempted to detain him.

    It appears that the Mirage Island was one of the few “refuges” for the convalescing Pokémon. The precise underlying principle to why Dragun, brought them here.

    Dragun situated himself on a high, horizontal stalagmite on which every one of them in the cave can witness. He stood elevated & demanded every one of them to disburse attention on what he was going to state.

    “As you all have noticed, the humans have gone berserk & are currently trying to capture us. Yet, we still have limited information on what is happening, the likely cause maybe the blue sky rocks,” he explained, glancing around the room.

    “What do you propose to do then?” A Pokémon at the reverse side of the room raised its question out loudly.

    We fight!” A perplexing voice penetrated Brunette’s head. He looked around. It seems the other Pokémon also experienced and heard the anomalous.

    “Ah, you’re here,” Dragun called out, a seemingly comforted grin widened.

    The group of Pokémon turned their heads as Dragun said that, attempting to distinguish who launched that telepathic message, as of not from the dark corners of the cave.

    The blue meteor is the probable cause of all these. As it entered our planet, it broke up into four smaller pieces. It fell in your homeland, Hoenn, and all the other regions. My contemporaries, Rayquaza & Deoxys weren’t able to stop it once it entered the atmosphere,” a creature with a humanoid posture revealed itself out of the gloomy darkness, dispatching this message psychically to them yet again as it did before. It was grayish-purple with a mauve underside and a lengthy, lilac extremity. It has three digits on each limb. It has lavender eyes and two short ears. It had a tube extending from the back of its skull to its spine.

    The cavern abruptly overflowed with roaring murmurs, echoed and conveyed due to the dome like structure.

    “It’s Mewtwo!” pointed a Pokémon, as if it had seen him before with the tone in its voice.

    Brunette gazed curiously at the individual that each one addressed as Mewtwo.
    Mewtwo appeared as though he was at the uppermost rank, standing tall and unyielding in the midst of dozens of terrified and confounded refugees; consoling them somehow with the look he gave them-order, authority and power.

    “Settle down!” Dragun ordered loudly.

    Dragun’s thunderous, hoarse tone was augmented even more by the cave. It ricocheted all through out. Soon, all of them, including Brunette stopped buzzing, startled by the demand of stillness.

    “So, what was the information that they collected?”

    Mewtwo began to gape at Dragun. It was conveying telepathic thoughts to him, but not to the Pokémon that were cluttered up in a crowd. Picking up Dragun’s face being scrawled up in somehow, a horrendous revelation.

    “What is he saying to Dragun?” Brunette turned to inquire at Dusk.

    “How should I know, he is only sending the message to him,” Dusk answered and shrugged his shoulders, moreover interested.

    As Brunette turned, Mewtwo was the one who was standing on the stalagmite instead of Dragun this time.

    My colleagues have retrieved information from the other regions. The same situation-the humans are trying to imprison us,” Mewtwo explicated as he sent these buzzing psychic energy messages to their heads.

    “Are we the only one’s who survived?”

    “There are still other survivors in Hoenn. I and Dragun have dispatched a special group of Pokémon to rescue them, although, we haven’t got any contact from the Kanto & Johto regions. There are other shelters in Hoenn for them to stay in. Kyogre is currently trying to ward off the mysterious forces of the humans in The Cave Of Origin-one of the refuges. For some strange reason, our powers have weakened since the rocks crashed; all legendary Pokemon have noticed a rapid decrease in power. But do not be bothered, all we need to do is strengthen our forces with other regions to bring up a rebellion strong enough against whatever controlled the humans to do these cruel acts,” Mewtwo encouraged as he turned to them, clenching fists tightly; heartening the Pokémon, endeavoring them,” whatever feuds you have in the past, forget about it. Our species is at stake; we mustn’t trust the humans anymore!”

    The cave began to flood with chattering over again. Questions started to boggle Brunette’s intellect even more; glancing at Dusk. He seemed to be riddled in confusion as well.

    Upon the boisterous clamor of the cave, Brunette turned to the obverse. He saw Mewtwo dismissed and Dragun was once more standing. Denying further query.

    He shouted. “Please rest and build up your energy for tomorrow,” then Dragun totally left the elevated clearing, looking worriedly once more upon the refugees.

    “I don’t understand,” Brunette whispered to himself, “why?”

    Subsequent to the odd session, Brunette settled down to take a short respite and attempt to comprehend all the information gradually into his head. It was convoluted for him to locate a decent, spacious spot because the dim and nippy cavern was filled with other convalescing Pokémon. They were all despondent, unable to speak up due to the present quandary.

    The cave was huge. The limestone ceiling was impaled by great stalactites and was twelve feet high, the area was elongated, adequate to capacitate a lot of refugees. Brunette saw most of them ready to doze off. Inside the cavern, it was difficult to distinguish whether it was daybreak or nighttime due to the solid darkness that was diminished by only a few ephemeral torches. Brunette was nearing the posterior of the space when he saw Dusk contentedly curled up.

    “May I join you?”

    Dusk looked up and said “Sure! I’ll be glad to,” he agreed with a weary smile. Moving aside, sympathetic enough to give Brunette some space to respite.

    Brunette stretched his exhausted russet appendages as he was prepared to take a short snooze, knowing no more of the data spoken out. Going to doze off, a minuscule, blue Pokémon reached out with its hand-like ears and kindly offered him a fruit.

    “Would you like some stranger?” It inquired as it handed him the red and white berry. It’s smile-optimistically comforting, dissimilar from the others.

    “Um… Thank you!” Brunette accepted in gratitude.

    “It’s very good! It peps you up because of the taste,” it explained. “Come on, try it!”

    It seemed discourteous not to accept a thoughtful endowment from such an endearing Pokémon; so, Brunette gratefully accepted.

    He felt a tingling stir forming in his orifice. The auburn Pokémon’s eyes started to water; his tan-colored visage was gradually turning to crimson. Brunette’s mouth and throat began feeling a blazing sensation. He had a sudden and severe urge to drink. Desperate to calm the whisk of chaos on his tongue.

    Brunette saw the blue Pokémon and Dusk cackle behind his watery eyes. “That’s a Liechi berry Brunette! It’s sourness, sweetness and of course its spiciness alters the taste to different Pokémon. Spices are what got you!” laughed Dusk.

    “I told you it would pep you up!” chortled loudly by the Pokémon. It saw Brunette redden in fury; it bowed politely then scampered toward the other Pokémon.

    “Come back here!” Brunette said crossly, glaring with lightning ablaze in storm-brown eyes.

    “Ignore the Wynaut Brunette, it was just concerned, that’s all,” Dusk said then crossed his front paws, yawning.

    As Brunette turned to look at Dusk, the sensation in his mouth gradually faded. Altogether with the lurking agony experienced by all.

    The day was brimming with credulous, hideous disclosures at which most of them couldn’t handle any longer. Brunette’s eyelids were extremely heavy and his scrutiny of the cave faded within dimness. Before Brunette knew it, he was once more strayed in the dominion of imaginings. Assuming slumber was the only promising and transitory means of escaping the severe grief and anguish.


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