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    A pokemon game with a twist.


    Story idea - You are 6 years old and see a bright light through yor bedroom window, curious as you are, you get up and look outside. You see a strange shadowy pokemon in the darkness. Your fasination of this strange pokemon is so great you run to find out what it is as you open the door there is a flash of light and then everything is still. 5 more years pass and it is the morning of your eleventh birthday. You go to get your first pokemon from the local professor and begin your journey.

    After battleing the first gym leader he tells you a secret of a legendary pokemon that can travel in time and that it is said to appear and disapear in a flash of light. You begin to get interested in this pokemon and ask the gym leader more questions, you then tell him about your experence of when you were young. Suddenly you are atacked by two strange men and are overwhelmed by them just as all hope seems lost you see a flash of light and then darkness. when you awaken you are in a strange bed. You later descover your world has been ransacked and that a large organisation controls the enitre world using a legendary pokemon, you are taken to see a wise man who has prophisised your arival. he says to you to bring the world to peace you must return to your time and stop the destruction of the world. Unfortunatly the only way to return to your time is to capture the legendary pokemon. So your real journey begins...

    Please feel free to add to this as i would like it to become a game, since i am no good at game production i would like anyone with some experince to produce this.


    P.s. please leave a reply in this thread or pm me for any questions.
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