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    Well, I don't see why a developer with 2 or more games can't finish up.
    I think OI already told you a lots of time, Infinite Rainbow is under construction where there's problem and he'll need to fix them before updating.
    And, you mentioned Raptor.
    I'm not going to let Raptor unfinish, I've an update recently if you check my game.
    Yeah, I'm working on 2 game at the same time, Raptor and Outlaw Hunter.
    But Outlaw Hunter is in a very slow progress.

    I think you insulted a lots of people, not just OI.
    You shouldn't do this.
    Just wait, now you need to make it clear, who is the developer?
    You're fans, fans means a supporter instead of just keep blaming the developer to release the game.
    Got it?
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