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I had this typed up a while ago, but it wasn't letting me post it. I just remembered, sooo...
Originally Posted by spike6958 View Post
Pokémon XP 2009
(this title is, as you may have guessed Oh, I did guess...looking for suggestions or anythin'?, a place holder till i decided on the official one)

Hi everyone! I'm Spike, and welcome to my game. I'm welcomed.

A Few Notes Before the Story
OK, i just wanted to let you know that this game is based in a Pokémon World of my own creation, you will not be seeing any locations/human characters from the official Pokémon World(Games,Anime or Manga) So it'sm a spin-off?, but you may see variations on them(due to the limitations in sprites) ...mixes? I hope not..., however this world only contains official Nintendo Pokémon ...okay, so pkmn but a new location. A'right...not the best premise due to the whole distribution factor, but I'll ride with it., no fakemon because i hate them things, also some other traditions in the official games have been changed Like? to suit my needs for the game, so if you don't like it tough, as i said it MY game Ah, recognise that a game develper develops for him/herself, not an audience..

Basic Story
This story takes place in a different Pokémon World to the official Nintendo series, and starts off in the region of Talamar What's the derivation?. Talamar is a large southern region, known for it's beautiful tropical weather, however the Eastern most part of the region has recently been hit by an almost never ending rainstorm Editing, please..., the only answer that the local officials can come up with is that a legendary Pokémon called Kyogre ...seriously? That had better just be speculation..., has awoken from it's sleep in the Deep-Sea Caverns, but these events have yet to effect the western side of the region, the side that you live on, infarct if anything the Western side of the region is getting dryer So you'll indicate this through the tiles, right? Like, lack of gren vegetation and whatnot...?, also a group of Poachers have been reported stealing ...then aren't they thieves? Poachers would be shooting the Grumpigs for their jewels, not necessarily catching them... Pokémon but all attempts at catching them have, so far, failed, but this is something that has yet to bother you, for you are about to turn 15 the legal age that people can become Pokémon Trainers Did you have pkmn prior to (say, as pets), or is 15 when you can first be given a pkmn license? and soon you'll be choosing your first Pokémon and starting your journey to collect all 17 Gym badges(one for each Pokémon Type So there's more than one per town, right...? Having 17 towns would be fail, but having Gym leaders interact in the same places would be interesting...some could even share an arena and fight over who gets to use it.) and taking on the Pokémon Championship So what's the actual plot here? Meanwhile you collect badges, you find Kyogre? Why is Kyogre here? Who got the Red Orb? Are you claiming that Hoenn does not exist in your spin-off world? Even if that is the case, you'd have to have some sort of stasis between land and water, which the Orbs on Mt. Pyre kept maintained...[/b], while on your journey, you will also be able to get optional missions, which when complete can help you on your journey and if left incomplete, can hinder your progress Ain't that the case with ANY RPG?, but which happens is up to you, this is just the very basic over view of the storyline, how far you follow it is up to you, but i hope some people will follow the story though to it's conclusion instead of finishing the main game.

More Info
OK, here I'm going to go into more detail on some of the things i mentioned in the Story Section, and other things that don't belong there
OK first of all the Missions, these are basically how the story plays out, though optional missions I like missions, but...not everyone does., which if you complete can help you have easier progression though the game, for example, on the Eastern side of the region the rainstorm caused by Kyogre Due to what? It's obviously not the norm... has, flooded some areas, making traveling though them impossible, which then forces you to take longer and more difficult routes, however if you choose to help stop Kyogre With the Blue Orb? What's the story behind this rampage?, the flooded areas become passable once more Eww, mold..., giving you the option of an easier route and even access to some Pokémon that would be other wise unobtainable, however not all missions help you, you will also be asked at times to help out the local law enforcement in the bid to stop the band of poachers, that are hunting Pokémon for money and sport, completing these missions will put you on the Poachers "Wanted" list, which means you will be forced to battle the Poachers, who's Pokémon will be much higher levels than most trainer Pokémon in the area.
I would also like to talk about the gyms, first of all as you saw in the story there are 16 Earlier, you said 17...and I'm not counting the types to seew which is right. Just pointin' it out... gyms, one for each Pokémon type, this isn't the only thing changing about Gym's first of all, every Gym Leader will have 6 Pokémon Now that's forced. Couldn't you vary it? Not every one of those 15+ trainers will like the idea of having six; some may want a smaller team of higher-leveled pkmn., but there will be no other trainers in the Gyms anymore, you will also not know what type of Gym it is until the battle starts. There'll seriously be no indication from, say, NPCs elsewhere in the town? Wouldn't they chat about the local Gym leader?
Next is something not mentioned in the story section, other regions, so far i have Talamar, Diore, and Malen as the three main regions How many d'you need? of my Pokémon World but for now Talamar is the only one that is going to feature in this game, however there are a few other Islands that are been added to allow you to catch Pokémon that would not fit in the Talamar Region, these are Snofall Island(a snowy Island far to the north), Tora Island (an entire island covered by sand just west of Talamar), Three Peeks(a large jagged mountain in the middle of the ocean that separates into three separate peeks), PokéLand(Now that's a cheesy name...but yet I can totally see it. a theme-park for Pokémon Trainers that is similar to the Battle Frontier), and Reborn Island(an unexplored island far to the south east).

None yet, will post some soon...

Well this is it for now, i'll update this thread with new features and hopefully some screenshots soon, till then peace out!
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