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    Hello, as you have noticed my name is ~Watermelon. You may also know me by the names Tropical Sunlight or IceCharizard. You can, however, still call me IC or TS.
    So, what's this all about?
    Well, this is certainly not a mapping tutorial. If you wanna learn how to map, read Neti's tutorial.
    Many good mappers know how to map well, but not properly. This is why I wrote this. I split it up in 4 sections:

    1. Introduction
    2. Correct mapping
    3. A-Map Pallette editing
    4. Other Map secrets

    Oh, and I'll be using plain FR tiles.

    1. Shading
    If you're using FR tiles, you have to learn how to shade trees properly.
    As you have noticed, there are two kinds of trees in FR. One is the Outside tree, the other must be the Inside tree. I'll be using OT for Outside tree and IT for Inside tree.

    Here, you can see a part of a route in FR. And you can see some weird horrid MS colors.
    -The red part shows you not to shade the in the middle part if the line of trees ends here.
    -The yellow shows us not to use ITs if there's not tree next to this tree.
    -And the last, the purple part shows us that we always have to use ITs at the end of the map.

    2. Fences
    This is what many people don't know.

    Green blocks are where an OverWorld should be. It should be touching the fence. We use all the fence tiles to do this.
    Purple blocks are places that is not recommended to use them. We should block them with trees or other things. But sometimes that's un-available. Then, we just have to figure out something, idk.


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