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    Before anything else, the bytes are in the attachment.(although you should still read the rest of this post...) I did that so you don't have to open up pokecommunity every time you want to see the bytes.

    Ok, for those of you that don't know, if you open up the block editor on fire red (usa, I'm not sure about the other languages or leaf green) the bytes are sometimes wrong. I decided to make something that will have what some of the bytes really do. *note* These are only bytes that are used in-game, and if the block has two behavior bytes or background bytes (ie 13 06 as in the behavior bytes for the waterfall tiles have 00 02 as it's background bytes) because a-map only has a drop down menu for the 1st behavior byte and the second background byte.

    remember, because of a problem with expanding the # of blocks, I found out that if you put FF in ALL the bytes, the block will be a black square like the "blank" blocks do, no matter what tiles you use. If you change the bytes back to what you want them to be, everything with that block should be fine.

    This is my first thread for helping other hackers, and I got the idea when I posted about how a-map's block editor bytes are sometimes wrong, and Lu-Ho asked for the bytes. I only recently got around to doing it though...

    update: I just uploaded the exact same thing in txt form, right after I did this on a post in pokebase development thread so more people can use this info.
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