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    Name: Gabriel
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Starter Pokémon: Mudkip
    Favorite Legendary: Mew
    Appearance: He usually wears a black suit with a dark red tie and a black trenchcoat that reaches the ground.
    His long white hair is often tied into a ponytail and reaches all the way down to his knees. His eyes are a golden amber color and when he’s excited by something they seem to glow, but that might just be an optical illusion.
    History: Gabriel has been living in Veilstone City almost all his life, he’s always enjoyed Pokémon and now, at the age of 21, he finally decided to get his first Pokémon. He’s also owner of a large electronics company which develops computers and medical equipment. That is also the reason you’ll never see him without a laptop, a PDA, a cell phone or some other techno gadget.
    Side: Neutral
    Other Info: Due to his ownership of a company, he’s rather rich, okay, he’s filthy rich, but don’t rub it in his face. Because of his large amount of money many people have targeted him in the past and he’s a bit of a loner now because of his distrust.
    RP Sample:
    Kitsune looked at Kimiko, and then nodded, she knew what had to be done.. Or so she seemed…
    In fact, Kitsune had no idea who she was going to pick. But after taking a second and thinking *Who could be saved by something that would not require healing…?* she thought *Of course! The one with airway problems could be intubated and that way his airways could return to functionality…*

    ”The first patient of these three will be this one” she said and pointed to the name of the one with airway problems ”I’ll need him intubated, so he can breathe again.”
    Then she paused and looked at the chart again, considering what was worse, burns or poisoning…
    Kitsune decided on the burns and started checking her ”Bad burns, will need to be healed and checked for internal injuries” she said slowly to herself and took a look at Kimiko ”Should I put a treatment procedure in the works for the poisoned patient?”

    *If she says yes, I’ll have to get all the poison neutralized with an antidote, which we should have in the storage room here… Lets see.. 6 times raining needle jutsu, poison on all the needles, that would be a huge amount of poison* she thought and glanced at the chart *So we would need an effective antidote… I think we have just the thing in the storage room’s drug cabinet…*

    Kitsune really hoped she had given them the right treatment procedure and sighed, if she had not, their lives could be at stake; But, as a mednin in training, she knew that if she failed, it would be the end of her career as a mednin, and the rest of the Curiato would laugh at her, and her mistake in the simple job of prioritizing patient treatments and actually treating them…
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