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    Chris shuddered as another cold wind blew past his and Greg. Ashi had abandoned them, and they hadn't seen anyone at all. He could only guess that maybe that one man was sent to cause distraught among the members of the Uprising, in which case he had done fairly well.

    "Hey Chris," Greg said, interrupting Chris' train of thought. "That guy... do you know who he is? Or what he wanted with Isabel?"

    Chris took a deep breath, trying to shut out the cold before replying between chattering teeth. "Yeah. He was probably a bounty hunter of some sort. They're after us all of the time. My guess was that he was after the bounty or something" Chris shrugged. "Just get used to it, you'll see a few after you in a bit." Chris joked and The Totodile still on his shoulder chuckled too, however, Sakura, Chris' Pikachu sighed. Suddenly an amazing smell came from the Pokecenter, causing Chris' mouth to water. "Smells like breakfast. Lets go inside, it's getting colder anyways." Chris said, heading to the Pokecenter for breakfast.
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