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    Alright, first I would like to know why Cookie's posts are taking place in the Pokemon world, unless they're meant to be flashbacks or something.

    Secondly, are we just going to wait until everyone gets their first post done to start coming up with a plan? (Currently I'm at a point where I can't do very much in a post other than have my characters talk to each other or something...)

    Notes about my last post:
    -Yes, you heard me, Lupin took out an umbrella.
    -Halberd is one of the Black Cat Bandits mentioned in my signup; I was considering using him as my character here for a while.
    -At first I was going to make it so that Lupin actually did steal Spark's watch (just to tease him, perhaps), and give it back to him in that post, but I didn't; I figured Flax had some other mysterious plan for that watch. (Am I right?)

    Haha, I noticed that two of the people in this RPG are named Vulpix and Ninetales. What a coincidence! In fact, I thought about giving Yamiko a Ninetales, but then I gave her an Espeon instead, because by tradition, at least one of Yamiko's Pokemon must be Psychic-type.

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