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A ROM with a corrupted footer
A Clean ROM
Advance Map
A Hex Editor (I use Hex Workshop)

Now, if you ever read Don Patch's tutorial on the Advance Map method of tile inserting, map footers can corrupt. This can also happen by making a new map and and inserting it over a map which shares a footer with another map. Basically, it's due to bad repointing from Advance Map.

Now you can tell if a map had a corrupted footer because when you click on it this will appear.

and after that, Lu-Ho's contact info will appear.
Now to fix this, go to the corrupted map and enable pro-header view (Ctrl + H).
Nex find the footer offset and copy it.

Open your ROM with the bad map and go to the offset you just copied,
You'l see some FFFF which are the badly repointed bytes of the footer.

Now open a clean ROM of the same version in your Hex Editor.
Go to the same offset and you'll see the bytes which should be there.

Now copy and paste those bytes over the FF in the other ROM.
Save and go back to a-map.
The map should be black (if not go on another map and then got back to it).

Now just redraw the tiles on the map (the events and map scripts will still be there)
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Credits to Andrea/HackMew for showing me this.
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