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Our Site on Smackjeeves

On July 30th, 2008, what would've been the comic's 1-year anniversary was the restarting point for the whole story. Several things have changed and will change between this and the original comic, story-wise and appearance-wise, but I hope that you will remain loyal and bear with me as the comic undergoes these drastic transitions and continues to move onward.

Latest Comic:

-Megaman Characters/ Sprites:
-Sprites Inc
-Deccus(his sprites have become almost a staple with characters like Wily and Light)
-Mario Characters/Sprites
-Zebesian(For the sprite of the Chaos Heart)
-Special Thanks:
-Everyone on ComicEra
-Miscellaneous/cameo sprites:
-Mastercougar(Thanks for not punching me in the face after I forgot to sprite an reporter of my own once again, MC)

If I missed anyone, please let me know.
Now restarted! All crit appreciated!
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