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Well I decied to Make this club Besides Ru/Sa,FR/LG came out a few Days ago.
Well welcome to the Ruby/Sapphire/FR/LG club!Here you can Talk About Those games.The following you can Talk About:
-How many Pokemon in your Dex
-Your Team
-Any questions
-And much more.You name it.

-All PC rules
-No Spamming
-No Double-Posting
-Stay on Topic(Anything Relataed to Ru/Sa/FR/LG)
-No talking about anything BUT Ru/Sa/FR/LG

If I see you do ANY of these Things,you will Be Banned from the Club.
-If It Happens,You'll get a Warning
-If it happens Agian,you'll be Banned for a Day
-If it happens Agian,You'll be banned for a Week
-If it happens Agian,You'll be banned forever

Got it?This can be fun,But you have to folllw the Rules.

AttackRage555(Me,And Owner)

Have fun!

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The Ruby/Sapphire/Fire Red/Leaf Green club!Come join today!
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