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Basic Idea___________________________
This will be a Roleplay lead by me about "The Union Of Legends." Some of the plot isn't going
to be told because of course, twists are for you to find out. Some of it, just hasn't been played yet.
But what I can tell you is where the Roleplay is generally going.

To View The Whole Plot Scroll To "Legend Has It" "Supporting Story" and "General Plot."

Legendary Pokémon are gathering in one place to meet with the most mighty being of all. I am
going to give each roleplayer the option to play a maximum of two characters and a sign up sheet
will be sent to me via Private message or you can hide it in spoiler tags. All those big sheets cloud
up the page.

Basically, you get to choose to be either your own original character (Following the Rules) or you
can be a character from the Pokémon Franchise. That includes characters from the television
series, manga books, movies, video games and even just playing a Pokémon itself. When some
body is accepted into the roleplay, I will send them back a private message telling them that they
have been accepted and I will post their character's profile up so everyone knows whose here.

Because your sign-up sheet will be private, linked directly to me, you don't have to worry about
how it looks. I'll edit this first post and then post it up here so that it matches everyone else's and
everyone can see it in the first post without having to scroll down or anything.
If you want to know
more about the roleplay, scroll down and read some of the rules. If you want to hear the plot, it's
right beneath this announcement.

You can play as a Legendary or as a Hero/Heroine, your own original character or anyone form
the Pokémon franchise and you can use each of their individual Pokémon as sort of your own
side character to your's.

The time is set in Sinnoh region with Ash, Brock, and Dawn as the main characters. But, due to
the storyline, time starts to bend and warp so it begins bringing characters into the picture who
would otherwise never be there and occasionally, two of the same character from different time
frames such as Sinnoh Ash possibly meeting Kanto Ash from the first generation.

This also means you can play as Misty, May, Max or Dawn all in the Sinnoh region and anyone
can play as any Pokémon or generation they feel like. Just remember it's all HAPPENING in Sinnoh.

Legend Has It______________________

illennia ago, a great being known as "The Original One" lowered himself from the heavens into the world in order to save the creatures, Pokémon, whom inhabited it. The Original One meant to save the world from another heavenly body, a massive meteor hurdling toward the Poké Earth. The Original One gave up himself to save the Pokémon; he meant to sacrifice himself.. but miraculously, survived his sacrifice. It was then, the Pokémon who ended up saving him. The Great Being loved all species equally as they all came forth to help him in his time of need and tend to his wounds. The Great Being decided that he would not return to the heavens. But, remain on Earth with the wonderful creatures he reigned over with he, as their King. The Original One was paid special attention to by one species of Pokémon whom made an instrument out of the elements to play him a special song. The Original One and all Pokémon would live together in harmony for all time to come. However, too trusting, too loving of all species, The Original' fell prey to the most wicked of all Pokémon. The Wicked One tricked and betrayed him.. breaking the trust forever. The Original One decided that no longer, never again would he trust the Pokémon of this world.. He would return to the heavens with only a warning.. and when he returns, he will judge the fate of all creatures.

This ancient legend is the oldest known story to exist in the world of Pokémon. No one knows if such a being was human, Pokémon... or even a God. Some point fingers as to what Pokémon betrayed The Original One. Certain Pokémon, even after all this time, are still blamed for that terrible event that may.. or may not have ever happened.

Some people believe deeply that The Original One will return. Others believe a that The Instrument Of Harmony is still lost somewhere in the world.. and with the power of The Original One, might have survived to this day. Others believe that as the trust was broken, so was shattered The Instrument Of Harmony and it's shards rained down upon the Earth. Some even believe the Earth did not exist yet at that point in time, and did not come into existence until after the events had taken place. They believe that the planet on which The Original One resided with all his Pokémon is the original home of all beings and could one day be given back to the Pokémon when The Original One decides the fate of all living things.

With so many takes on the story, no one really knows what happened all those years ago.

Supporting Story_________________
Sightings abound on the news. Unidentified and rare Pokémon are being spotted everywhere. Video tape of strange Pokémon is sent into the media left and right. Incredible footage of birds thought not to exist.. and grand Legendary beasts unseen for hundreds of years, claimed to have been spotted places as comely as parks, playgrounds and in people's back yards. What is going on? No solid evidence as to these claims other than video footage has risen to the surface yet. None of the strange or Legendary Pokémon have been caught. No hair samples supplied for Pokédex analysis. These creatures flee from sight the moment they appear. Leaping roof-top to roof-top, tree to tree, or flying high into the sky where they cannot be captured on camera for long periods of time. Media is reporting every event but it's generally passed off as a swarm of unknown Pokémon.. which can occur from time to time.

Twelve year old trainer Ash Ketchum is excited to find one of the swarming, unknown Pokémon so that he can add it's data to his Pokédex. He, Brock Harrison and their friend Dawn are on the look out for anything strange. They're not the only ones. Children worldwide and.. some adults too, are out trying to capture these Legendaries. Researchers.. are only wondering why. Three important questions are unanswered: Where did these Legendaries come from? Why are they swarming? Where are they going?

Ash and friends settle down in a small clearing atop a hill for sleep. A loud noise awakens Brock and Dawn. All of their Poké balls release simultaneously with a loud noise. The Pokémon all released, shake off. The confused Heroes sit up to see something leap over head. .. Legendary Suicune. But, Ash isn't there to see the creature. Actually, he's missing from his sleeping bag. Just like that, Suicune vanishes into the bushes with a loud bristling of the foliage. The ground, freezing solid in Suicune's path. The Legendary beast leaves a trail of glassy blue frozen ice in it's wake.
General Plot________________________
Legendary Pokémon are swarming like insects. Traveling by any means toward one location. They're meeting up somewhere--one place in the world.. journeying from all four corners of the globe. The Legendaries are desperate to reach their goal. Nothing.. can stand in their way. The Original One's time for judgment has hit. The Original One has returned to meet with The Wicked One and decide the fate of all living things.

The Union Of Legends is upon us.

Unfortunately, the power of so many Legends in one place begins to bend and warp time--teleporting people from place to place or having them meet up with themselves from past or future.

Reality is bending under the feet of the Legends.
Example Play Sheet_____________

Empty Playing Sheet: How your's should start

# ?

Name here
Age here
Your on-hand/Bag/key items here.
Your username here.

Personality, past, goals, etc go here.

Your character's appearance and other
information such as minute character details
or in depth descriptions of clothing items can
all go right here.

Filled Playing Sheet: What your's should look like

# 2

Early Twenties
Left Sock, Poke Blocks

Works for Team Rocket and under
Giovanni as a grunt. His current mission is
to capture Ash Ketchum's Pikachu. Although
his mission timed out and he was fired from
Team Rocket some time during his failed
mission. He had to resign up as a Team Rocket
member to continue his mission. However, it is
uncertain that Giovanni's even after this Pikachu
any more. He ran away from home to escape an
arranged marriage with a woman by the name of
. He was born into a rich family but
abandoned it all, along with his childhood pet,
Growlie, to join in a life of crime. He now works
along side a talking Meowth and a woman who
looks strikingly like his arranged Fiancee and
goes by the name of Jessie. James has a rather
kookie personality.

Blueish purple tinted hair that ends at
the shoulders with an official Team Rocket
style wardrobe.. with the colours switched.
He has bright kiwi green eyes. Black gloves,
black boots, and a black shirt with a white
jacket displaying a bright red "R" for rocket
across his chest. He wears a brown belt with
a silverish block buckle and has white pants.

Confused? Read this!
Don't be confused! This little profile will be made by me when you're accepted into the roleplay and you don't have to do any of the work.

Send me a private message containing your character, their sprite, what their Pokémon are, and all of the details listed above. The sheet you send me should look more like this.

Sprite Picture: LINK HERE





Then I'll translate it to the style you saw above and then post it in the first post of the roleplay(This post) for everyone to see.


Most people don't have a sprite for their OC and some characters from
the series don't have sprites at all. Don't worry about finding your own
sprite if your character is someone like Entei or Giovanni. These sprites
already exist and I can probably get it for you without you having to link it
to me.

If your character is original, known only to you what they might look like, find a game sprite that looks similar to your character and then add the rest
under "" for us to get a good idea of what your character looks like.

You could also go HERE to request a sprite of your character, ask me to make you one (If you're accepted into the roleplay) to post up as your sprite.

OR just go with the default and add tons of extra information to ""

Rules Of Roles____________________
Each player gets a maximum of two characters to play.
You can only post as one character at a time. This is to prevent both characters by one player possibly arguing with one another for filler.

Do not double post even if you're playing two characters. Someone else still gets a turn at posting between the posts of your two characters. Everyone takes turns.

To show a character is different from your last, pick a font for each one. If you play Team Rocket, give Jessie say.. red font and James Purple or blue.

You will not do any "Is now James" or "James::" stuff. Just use different font and in two separate posts for each character, please.

If you play Jessie from Sinnoh and a time warp happens as stated in either two mentions above, and by any chance Jessie is cloned and meets herself or there is a her in the past shown at any point in time, you also play her. This is to stop people from arguing over which Jessie is better and just playing the part.

Pokémon and Characters are listed under two different Categories.

Character and Pokémon, respectively.

If your character has a party of six Pokémon (Maximum) you get to play each of said trainer's Pokémon. If someone plays Ash, They also play Pikachu and the rest of his Pokémon party. This prevents Pikachu or another highly needed Pokémon in some certain situation from not being able to sign on ---or some other barrier when Pikachu's character is essentially an extension of Ash's character.

Pokémon who do not have trainers or are Legendaries count as their own characters. This means if you're playing both Jessie and James, you don't get to be Meowth. Meowth is owned by neither Jessie nor James. Meowth is his own character as he is not owned by anyone.

If you are playing Giovanni, you do not automatically get to play Mewtwo as Mewtwo is a Legendary and is also therefore his own character. You will have to fill both of your only two character spots with Giovanni and Mewtwo if you want to play them both.

Giovanni's Persian however, is not wild nor a legendary and is therefore played by you if you take Giovanni as your character.
Player's Part________________________
1. Trainers are out to catch the Legendary Pokémon.
You can play as a trainer out to capture one of them or any original character/OC trainer you would like to play.

2. Researchers are out to find out where these Pokémon are going.
You can play as a researcher following the movement of these Pokémon or one who specializes in the species of Pokémon and is needed to help better understand what's going on.

3. Legendaries are out to meet in one place, overcoming obstacles on the way.
Though you're not required to play a Legendary, we would greatly encourage it. There are so many Legendaries that it will probably take every last one of you guys to fill all the roles. So it would be nice to pick one trainer and one legendary if you want.

4. Pokémon are following Legendaries and their trainers.
Some wild Pokémon are attracted to Legendaries and will follow them.

5. Ash's friends are out to find out to find Ash and help him overthrow challenges.
Any character from any Manga Book, Video Game, Anime Series, Animated movie and so on are allowed... AS LONG as they're part of the Pokémon franchise. Sorry, no Inuyasha or Bleach characters. Pokémon only.

All parts available.

1. Stay consistent.
If you choose to play a non-major character and appear for only a few posts then refrain from returning to this roleplay again, that is unfortunate and we understand if you have to go or if you've moved somewhere else.

However, if you choose to play a huge character such as Misty or Professor Oak or even your own OC character and get very involved with the story before taking off without prior notice, after eight days of not replying, we can replace you.

You can always come back after your character has been put back up for grabs and re-apply for the same character or a different character if you want. But, if someone else gets to that character before you because of your illfocus on or neglect of the roleplay, that's too bad.

2. Switching & Swapping
When you pick a character, remember you can always, at any time you want, hand the character to someone else to play as they can hand the character back to you. If you have a friend or someone else who wants to play your part while you're gone, such as say, if you were playing a main role such as Misty and she was vital to the story, you could have a temporary stand-in to play your part as Misty while you're gone.

You can also give up a character permanently and someone else can take over entirely for you if you don't want to play that role anymore.

The exception, of course, being OC's. If you quit playing your original character, no one can be that character except you. If it's Misty for example, anyone can be her again after you as you do not own rights to the character Misty.

If you see a character you want to play but have two spots filled, PM me with a request to change out your current character for your desired character. If someone else is playing the character you wanted, and you have a character you do not wish to be, you can PM the person who is playing said character and request a character trade.

If both of you would like to trade characters, both notify me in separate private messages that you consent to said swap so I can update the roleplay sheets!

We REALLY Need...___________


All other Pokémon/Characters/OC's are allowed if they're not on the list!

We Would Like...________________


All other Pokémon/Characters/OC's are allowed if they're not on the list!

Officially Taken Characters


# 5

Ash Ketchum/Satoshi
Pokedex, Sleeping Bag, Badge Case
Ash wears a red and white Poke ball hat
which can only be seen from above. He also has
a Poke ball design in the pockets on his kiwi
green oval-shaped backpack. There's a green
"L" on Ash's hat that is often confused for a
flipped "Wa" symbol in Katakana characters. The
"L" stands for "League" as in The Pokémon League
which Ash claims to have worked tirelessly to get.
He is very protective of his hat, almost as much so
as he is for Pikachu whom he is deeply attached
to. Ash wears a black shirt and black boxershorts
under his blue uniform which he crafted to cosplay
as his favourite Cartoon character, Red according
to episode AG085.

Ash Ketchum, Episode 11. Ash started
out as a child living with his mother who loved
to collect Pokémon merchandise such as toys,
blankets, alarm clocks and other Pokémon
themed items. On his tenth birthday, Ash set
out to collect every last Pokémon. Although this
is proving a challenge for him. He couldn't even
collect a starter because he woke up so late.
Instead, he received Pikachu from Professor
Oak and has been struggling to maintain his
Pokémon whilst battling them to earn badges.
His new goal seems to be about becoming the
greatest trainer.. rather than collecting Pokémon.

Ash has the peculiar ability to bond with almost
any Pokémon he meets, even the most stubborn
such as his Pikachu for example. He has almost
a bottomless heart for Pokémon but when it comes
to people, he doesn't fit in very well. Often picked
on, called names and generally unliked, Ash can
be very whiny at times, acting more like a six year
old than a ten year old and sometimes refuses
to abide by somebody else's rules. He likes to
complain and has a wild imagination when it
comes to over-exaggerating. There aren't many
people who can see through Ash's thick skull and
get a feel for how big his heart really is.

Ash has a bit of an ego problem. He thinks he
can do anything he sets his mind to. However, no
matter how grand his journeys are, he has almost
always failed.

# 4

Ribbon case, sleeping-bag, Contest dress
Dawn has nearly elbow-length blue hair that
is somewhat covered by a white cap with a Poke-
ball symbol on the front. On either side of her head,
she has a small amount of hair pulled up in gold
triangular shaped clips. She has blue eyes and
slightly pale pink skin. She wears a white sleeveless
under-shirt covered by a black vest. She wears a pink
mini-skirt and black knee-high socks with pink boots
on over them. She also wears a red scarf and her
Poketch is on her right arm.

Dawn is a ten year old girl traveling in Sinnoh
along with her friends Ash and Brock. Her main goal
in life is to become a great Pokémon Coordinator
like her mother. She received her very first Pokémon
on her tenth birthday; a Piplup from Professor Rowan
in the first episode of Diamond/Pearl. So far, Dawn has
caught a Buneary, a Pachirisu, a Swinub that later
made the full transformation into a Mamoswine and
a Buizel, which she traded to her friend Ash, for an
Aipom that has now evolved into Ambipom.

Dawn is a very hyper-active and somewhat over-
confident character. So over-confident that she rushes
head first into most situations without thinking a single
thing through, first. Dawn is shown to have a bit of a
temper and often screams at and/or harms Ash when
upset with him. Dawn is like Ash in many ways. She
is competitive like Ash, she often over-reacts like Ash
and is filled with energy. Dawn is very girly as you can
see by looking at her outfit and her pink poketch.

Dawn is always looking forward instead of dwelling back
on her mistakes, yet she has learned that this is not
always enough. She often says, "No need to worry!"
when questioned.

# 3

Brock Harrison/Takeshi
Sleeping bag, Spatula, Full set of tableware, Full set of silverware, a bottle of Mt. Moon fresh mountain spring water, First aid Kit, Jars of Pokechow, Food/water dishes, A boulder badge, a fold-up table, a fold-up gas fuel burning grill, a variety of flowers, various other cooking supplies, a mustache and sombrero, various other disguises.
Insert Name
Brock wears a green tee-shirt with a open collar.
Over this tee-shirt he wears a black and orange vest.
His pants are a light beige color. His shoes are a wider
variety of sneaker. They are light blue on top and white
on the bottom as well as in the front. The sneakers have
no shoelaces. His skin colour is a light brown and he has
spiky black hair.

Brock Harrison is a seventeen year old male
who plans to be the world's greatest pokemon breeder.
He is known to be a great chef and has a large
family of brother's and sisters. Since his mother's
passing Brock had to be the new mother figure for
his siblings, especially considering Brock's father
did little to nothing to support their family. It wasn't
long though before Brock Harrison became the Gym
leader of his own town. His gym was the very first
rock gym. The reason for this being that Brock's very
first pokemon was a rock type pokemon by the name
of Onix, which is what he grew attached to and he has
been loving rock pokemon ever since. But since his
battle with Ash and the joining of Ash's group, he now
has plenty of other pokemon besides just his usual
rock type pokemon and has grown to be a fine
Pokemon trainer and maybe become the world's best
pokemon breeder in the future. At least that's his dream
until he finds a woman to settle down with.

Insert Name

It is said to have emerged from an egg in a
place where there was nothing, then shaped the world.