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    The game is based upon the tv series of pokemon. I had always hoped that Pokemon Yellow would fill this void, but since it did not, I started working on this.. I am trying to include as much content from the episodes as I possibly can, I want the finished product to seem like an interactive episode with a lot of cool features. I will follow the series to the pokemon league and then decide if I want to continue with a sequel or whatever.. (I am already consider including the orange islands, but we'll just see how we go)
    I'd like to use DP gfx but I just don't have the resources or spriting power to do that.. I know some of the other game dev's can also sprite magnificently, but I'm pretty lacking in that department.. It's a lot harder for me thesedays to find the time to practice my spriting etc. because there is so much more important stuff to worry about.. So if anyone would like to volunteer some DP sprites for the game I'll start building a stockpile. Personally I kind of like the anime-looking fr/lg tiles and characters, they own the gfx in the pokemon games I played.

    Here are some features that will be in the game
    • New movement system, allowing isometric and standard movement with following! 8-way gfx!
    • Evolved Mode7 engine, drastically altering landscape/buildings/movement
    • Truly animated title screen (random sliding pokemon, always starts with Pikachu)
    • Sidequests (template available soon, planned quests include joining team rocket or the police force to complete missions and get rewards)
    • Quest menu (info on the current quest and completed quests)
    • NPC interaction system (each npc has various emotional responses which affect the game in different ways)
    • Follower Interaction (feeding will be a part of the interaction but I've decided against KO-ing the starter when the hunger bar reaches 0, instead the starter's happiness will decrease if it rarely eats. Various Pokemon food will be available and you will be able to cook Pokemon food using ingredients and such. Your starter's diet will effect different attributes including it's mood/appetite/battle-performance/favourite-foods/nature. Playing games/giving presents will affect your starter in different ways for example, raising happiness/battle-performance/growth-rate.)
    • Minigames! TM’s and HM’s would be converted to minigames (you use a room at Oak’s lab which simulates an environment and then pass the game to learn the TM (the game will be environment-based to minimize picture usage)
    • Video Games! Arcade games are a planned feature, they were completed but the data was lost. Games will be awarded for completing various achievements. Some games will only be available at the arcade.
    • New battle formulae!
    • New stats to be added
    • Battle text modified (Ash’s dialogue matches the show)
    • Pokedex gfx match dexter
    • New battle backgrounds/skins
    • Some general game rules have changed, eg. you won't lose any pokeballs in battle unless you make a successful capture and stringshot now includes a bind effect because of the first battle of episode 3.


    The game starts with a brief intro video explaining that you have to go to Professor Oak's lab (north of Ash's house) in the morning to receive your first Pokemon, you start in your room with 15 seconds to run to the bridge. When you reach the bridge, 1 of 2 possible intro's will be selected.
    Original Intro
    You arrive late to Professor Oak's lab, you find out that all of the Pokemon were already taken and you receive your trademark side-kick, Pikachu.
    Alternate Intro
    You arrive in time to select a Pokemon, however, the Professor's grandson chooses Squirtle leaving only 2 Pokemon remaining. The other kid suggests a game of Paper/Scissors/Rock to decide who picks first, if you win you can pick Charmander or Bulbasaur. If you lose, Professor Oak offers to let you choose between Bulbasaur or Pikachu.
    Now you are ready to start your journey towards being the #1 Pokemon Master by defeating gyms, and beating the elite 4.
    The game will follow the storyline very closely until the episode where Ash catches a Krabby and learns about Bill's PC, at this point in the game the Free-Roam achievement will be unlocked, Pokemon will be seen in routes gathered in packs and you will be able to battle them if you choose.
    Some Pokemon will be needed to start some quests, but a message will notify you if that Pokemon isn't in the party.
    The storyline will still continue, but much like a FF rpg with messages displaying if you won't be able to go back to an area for a long time. There will also be branches on some of the storyline and many different side-quests available in each town. I'll make a template once I've made a few quests and anyone can start posting quests if they have an idea for a certain town/character from the show.
    The game has kind of a mesh of elements from all sorts of games but it has an incredible amount of potential.


    Oak's Lab - Anime

    Oak's Lab - In-game

    Viridian City - Anime

    Viridian City - In-game

    The Animated Title Screen

    Who's that Pokemon?

    A short playthrough of the game so far

    Completed Features
    • 3d World and buildings
    • 8-way Movement system with gfx
    • Merge with Pokemon Essentials
    • Planning for the first 3 episodes (Script replicated, proof of concept gameplay tested, gfx and sound mostly organised)

    Additional Info

    The mapping is very different to standard pokemon games, I have created a birds-eye perspective of the anime locations, so the maps are much bigger and more detailed. I have alligned them to the Kanto map. Mappers would need to create maps from screenshots of the episodes (I can supply screens) you can be very creative with the parts of town that aren't shown on screen.


    Poccil and Flameguru for their incredible starter kit, removing most of the effort in a game like this.
    Cogwheel for his excellent 8-way script which the current script was based on.
    For the music - Heat Man, SwordBolt, João *Johnnyz* Buaes, 10k volts, Tryce, BlueSlasher, WiteoutKing, Jayster.
    Kyledove for various pre-modded sprites (lighthouse, pokemon sprites).
    MGC for his amazing engine which gives an excellent platform for any developer to create a high quality game.
    Ho-oh 112 for his awesome work on the engine and essentials.
    Jackster for ripping every animation for 125 pokemon in mystery dungeon.
    Rm2k3kid and Avatar for their epic character rips.

    Download Demo - v 0.9

    RGSS102E.dll error
    This game was built using RMXP, some games require a run-time-package to keep their filesize small. You just have to download and install the RMXP RTP so that some default resources can be used by the game (even though they are not seen). When you have installed the RTP for RMXP then you can run the game and play it with no errors.

    Known Bugs:
    * Video not working

    Pokemon Indigo League is a re-creation of the original Pokemon TV series in game form
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