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    The Madman Boy's on the Steets Again
    (chapter sixteen - the sixteenth chapter of the story. it's the home stretch.)

    Caro and Kris had explored just about all of Sinnoh. Ironically, the last place they visit was going to be the most dangerous – but they had to get through Route 222 first.

    Eventually, two or three days later, they clawed to the large building that signaled the entrance to Sunyshore City. After looking up and admiring the building for a few minutes, Caro peered in the giant metal entrance flanked by tacky yellow-painted walls. Kris did the same, and smiled. The streets were deserted; except for at the far side of the city… a huge crowd was assembled there, apparently for some sort of festival. Assuming nobody glanced at the entrance to the city, they should be perfectly fine.

    Ah, the convenience of local festivities.

    Exiting the gate, Caro casually strolled up to the forest’s edge, standing as if he were admiring the forest as a casual observer. When Cyrus found him, Caro nodded subtly and indicated a short fence.

    “Hm,” Cyrus murmured. He got the picture.

    As Caro turned and ran back to Kris, signaling to enter, Cyrus approached the fence. He calmly stepped over it (not too difficult, seeing as the fence was about a third of his height). A patch of darkness in the shadow of the huge building seemed to shift slightly, but lay still after. Cyrus walked right past it, and met up with the two teenage kids just to the side of the door.

    “What’s going on over there? It looks like some sort of festival,” Kris pointed to the group over near the lighthouse.

    “People here have many festivals and celebrations of that nature. They’re not very rare occurrences here.” Cyrus followed her gaze, and his eyes lingered on the lighthouse for a second.

    “This place is really big,” Caro mumbled as he looked around at the deserted city. “And those high-up walkways with the creepy blue tiling and everything… what the heck are they for, anyway?”

    “Those tiles are solar panels. They power the city with the surplus of sunlight Sunyshore City receives daily.” Cyrus said to him.

    Caro was shocked (no pun intended). “You mean people can make electricity out of the sun’s light?” He stared wide-eyed at them for a second.

    “Yes.” Cyrus said simply. “They can.”

    Caro was clearly impressed. “Huh.” He said. “Cool. I’d like to walk on one of those.” He admired them for a few minutes, and realized with a jolt that Cyrus had already started walking slowly around the mazelike city, looking like he knew the place like the back of his hand. Kris was in the same position that Caro was, admiring the solar streets – but as soon as she realized Cyrus was going somewhere, she blurted out her feelings.

    “Where are you going?”

    Cyrus stopped, and turned around. “You’ll get it eventually.”

    Accepting it as an answer, Kris and Caro followed. They soon found themselves on a cliff face. Caro had gotten his wish of walking on the solar panels, and he had turned back to wander around on them some more. Kris and Cyrus, however, were staring at the house on the left.

    “And… that would be yours, I’m guessing.” Kris said blankly.

    “Correct,” Came the equally blank reply. “If you wish to stay outside, I understand.”

    “Arceus no!” Kris snorted. “I want to see what a house looks like!” Cyrus looked down at her.

    “Even though it’s been deserted for quite a while now.”

    Kris nodded. “Yeah.” She walked over to Caro, and said something. He thought about it for a few minutes, overreacting slightly, and nodded. Kris beckoned him back to Cyrus. “Alright. Let’s go in there.”

    Cyrus’ old house was relatively normal, but Kris was looking around like it was an ancient temple. The ground floor was a large room, but going up a long set of stairs eventually led to a fairly lengthy hallway, with three doors – two on the right, and one on the left. Cyrus drifted towards the right side of the room, and stopped in front of the first door, considering if he should go in. After a few seconds of this, he moved on to the next door and pushed it open.

    The resulting area looked like a robot had blown up in it. And, chances are, this room had faced its worth of exploding machines too.

    Various bits and pieces of metal littered the floor, almost to the extent that they were the floor. A long bed was pushed in the corner, and near the only window in the room (which was facing the direction the sun sets - west) was a bettered desk, in much the same condition as the floor – bits and pieces of metal and paper sprawled over it. The walls were peeling and dull, as was to be expected – nobody had been in this place for ages.

    Everyone was silent until Caro spoke in a traditionally Caro-like mood-breaking manner: “Well, now we know what your pastime is.”

    “It’s funny how things like this work out, isn’t it? They’re like two completely different people.”

    Everyone swiveled around to face an Alakazam, a smug expression on his face. “You may call me Tajiri, but I hardly believe that will matter.” He held up the spoons in his hands, and clacked them together. Immediately, the colors in the room began to blend and eventually formed themselves into Something Completely Different.

    Grays of multiple shades positioned themselves into long, thick poles on either side of Caro, Kris, Cyrus, and Tajiri (who was looking around silently, even drumming his fingers on the side of his leg). Some trickled down to the floor and melted into a faded marble, milky dull white mixed with swirls of gray and brown. Darker browns filled the empty space left by the other colors, as a giant stretch of blue flung itself across the ‘ceiling’.

    “Teleport,” Tajiri said smugly. “Very pretty, don’t you think?” He looked around the huge cavern with the smug expression still lingering in his eyes. Cracked (and intact) Grecian pillars stuck up from the floor, and boulders were scattered around a slab of marble stretching across the floor. A couple of stone arches were placed near the back.

    “This is complete overkill.” Cyrus looked around. The Spear Pillar had not changed.

    “I agree with you on that one,” Tajiri noted, “but I’m just following orders. Farewell.” With that, he turned around and walked out of the open-roofed cavern and into the corridor beyond. “I am finished here.” Tajiri then proceeded to teleport away with a wave.

    “Wait a second.” For once, it was Caro who thought of something first. “Isn’t this the… er… Spear Pillar? Isn’t this the place where-” He stopped abruptly.

    Cyrus nodded. “Yes, it is.” This is getting ridiculous… His thoughts were interrupted by the sudden swooping of something going at a downward angle very, very fast.

    Instinctively, Cyrus jerked to the left. Kris pulled Caro to the right to make way for the buzzing projectile.

    A flash of black and yellow shot past him, and the Beedrill landed on a nearby pillar. It scuttled around the top to face the trio with its spindly, navy blue legs, and leered at them (making full use of the large and dangerous spikes on its front legs and black-and-yellow striped abdomen). It had unblinking red eyes, and two slightly translucent wings jerked and twitched quickly. The drills on its front arms posed threateningly, and the Beedrill let out a shrill declaration.

    It said only three words, before falling silent: “Here she comes.”

    It turned its head and made a flying leap backwards onto another pillar, spreading its wings and legs wide, as an area above the entrance to the Spear Pillar began to distort itself.

    First the colors simply got blurrier, but then new ones replaced them. It started with a magenta pink, arranging itself in what looked like a helmet with four rounded… things sticking out of it. Then, baby blue began to fill out a small body below the pink, shaped like a teardrop with arms and legs. It flowed upwards and finished off the helmet. Near the bottom of the body, two long tails jetted out and ended in what looked something like a spiked club, with a red ovular gem glistening on the left tail.

    Just after Mesprit had finished her reappearance, everyone turned around. There was silence for a few seconds, and finally someone spoke.

    “Was this really necessary?” Cyrus asked tonelessly.

    Mesprit nodded cheerfully. “Yep!”

    She smiled vacantly like that for a few seconds, and then her face turned to a frown.

    “I’m not going to ramble on about my plan in a dreadfully boring monologue like a couple of people I can think of-“ she paused- “so I’m just going to cut it short with this: you did something very, very bad. You got a pretty loose punishment for it. And now you’re finally going to get what you deserve.”

    “And how are you proposing that’s going to happen?” Cyrus asked, looking calm but feeling vastly different.

    Mesprit shrugged. “Ah, nothing big.” She said loftily. “I’m just going to use an old plot device of yours to rip your souls out of your bodies, simply because you deserved it. And just because you’re a bad person overall…” She shrugged again.

    “You do realize that by doing this, you’re technically just as evil and violent as I am?”

    “Yes. I get that. Only difference: I’m just planning on hurting you three. Not blowing up the universe. There’s a difference, you see…” Mesprit made a circling gesture with her hand, and the frown twisted into a maniacal smile.

    “But the method is almost exactly the same.” She removed something scarlet red from the ledge next to her and jangled it casually. Her face lit up in mock surprise as it made a clanking metal sound that echoed all around the room, almost like…

    A chain.

    Caro and Kris’ faces twisted in disbelief, and Cyrus came very close. “And what reason do you have to use the Red Chain to do so?” He asked.

    “Because it’s more fun.” Mesprit grinned. She clearly had planned this out exclusively to use the Chain.

    “But of course.” He murmured. “More fun.”


    The enormous Celestial Screening Room way Up There, above the clouds and the rest of the universe going on its merry way below them, was watching with baited breath. The Gardevoir giving the 3D projection stopped to rest (it’s hard work, watching something happen a long way below and trying to recreate it using psychic powers) and the Legendaries watching it happen groaned.

    “That idiot,” Darkrai sighed, putting his head in one hand. He was slouched (villainously, of course) in a chair made of obsidian, with a giant jade – what else? – set in the back. The purple stone shone and glinted in the radiant light coming from… well… everywhere. “Although, I can’y say I never saw this coming.”

    “That’s absolutely ridiculous!” The Arcanine sitting next to Arceus proclaimed. “Oh… sorry, sir…” He inched away a few feet when Arceus glanced at him.

    “It is fine,” another Arcanine, eyes shining a fiery red, spoke from the other side of Arceus. Remember how Arceus can do just about everything but talk, so he gets another Pokemon to do it instead? This was one of those moments. “I agree with you completely.”

    “Now how did we not see that coming?” Azelf sighed dramatically from his hovering area in the corner.

    “Cyrus is right – she is making complete overkill on this.” Uxie commented softly. He was floating next to her. “But that is the way Mesprit is. It was bound to happen eventually.” He sighed softly. “Mesprit is one of the most mentally unstable creatures in existence,” he continued, “and she was bound to crack eventually.”

    Entei brought himself from a lying position to a sitting one, his head ultimately reaching Uxie’s body. Entei was a four-legged, gray-pawed creature, covered almost completely in chocolate-brown fur (save for a stripe of cream down his stomach).He wore a multi-layered mask over his snouted face, first with three red spikes on his forehead and one at a downwards angle. Over that was a three-pointed yellow piece fixed in his forehead, shielding his eyes. Lastly, a silver thing covering his nose with a spike stuck down on either side of his face.

    His paws were gray and broad, with a thick metal ring secured on each one. Overall, a large and imposing dog that looked like it could – scratch that, was able to – breathe fire.

    “I suppose you’re right,” he said in a low, rumbling voice. “She was the embodiment of emotion… Emotion is a terribly shaky part of living creatures. How fitting that she should be out to destroy Cyrus… they’re complete opposites.” His gaze turned to Palkia. “Was this done on purpose?”

    Palkia made a face of mock surprise. “Who, me? Why would I do something like this? Nothing I do is important enough to watch in the Celestial Screening Room.”

    “The founding of the Pokemon League. The Sootopolis City Incident. Mewtwo’s creation…” Entei hesitated, and then spat out the last example as if it was painful to say.

    “Ash Ketchum.” The tone in the room plunged, turning considerably darker than it already was. The creatures inside gave a unanimous shudder.

    Palkia looked away. “It was a joke,” he said meekly. “Shaymin made me do it. I didn’t intend for it to end like… that.”

    Shaymin wasn’t paying attention, even when Palkia said her name. “Does Mesprit know what she is doing? It does not look like it, to me.” The glowy-eyed Arcanine shook his fur-covered head.

    “No,” he said. “Her common sense has been silenced by her rage.”

    The Gardevoir coughed, and everyone looked back to the wisps of light that were beginning to form a scene.
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