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    If I have to hear Hoedown Throwdown one more time I swear I am going to scream. > .<

    Nostalgia Trip
    (chapter seventeen - the seventeenth chapter of the story. just a few strides left...)

    Uxie was correct. Mesprit is probably - scratch that, definitely - the most mentally unstable being in existence, and she was bound to do something like this eventually. And, knowing Mesprit, it would be done with a ridiculously big bang…

    “Well… I really don’t want to monologue evilly for you, but I still want you to leave this world with some answers. So after we get you three accommodated, interrogation may begin…” Mesprit got up from her position and looked down over the edge of her ledge-seat, into the cavern below. “Release the guards!” She chirped, somehow sounding menacing and evil at the same time.

    A new voice spoke, shrouded in the shadow of the corridor. “Honchkrow, use Embargo on the boy and girl. Machamp, make sure that Mr. Brilliant over here isn’t comfortable.”

    Mister Brilliant? Cyrus thought. There is only one person in the world with enough nerve to call me that. But she couldn’t have…

    Almost immediately, luminous purple orbs of energy shot out of the corridor and, swishing through the aor with a loud whistling sound, began to circle Caro and Kris, acting like a barrier or one of those sci-fi force field traps. Meanwhile, a Machamp lunged out and, dodging the Embargo, grabbed Cyrus by the arms.

    “And what do you expect Embargo is going to do? All it does is make the target incapable of receiving help from items.” Cyrus said, not bothering to kick the Machamp – it would probably grab on to his legs with its second pair of arms, and that would be even worse.

    “On Pokemon, yes.” Mesprit nodded. “In that case, you’re exactly right. For humans, who are entirely different as a species, the function is a lot different. To you all, an Embargo acts as a paralyzer that prevents you from moving the body below your neck until the Embargo is lifted. And I don’t think our friend here is going to lift it any time soon.” She looked down to the tunnel’s entrance again, and smiled wickedly.

    “Come in, Yami.”

    A woman stepped out of the shadow, and bowed slightly to Mesprit above her. She didn’t seem to be much in the way of color – a black shirt and pants, covered by a long, billowing trenchcoat that was considerably tattered and worn. Her wide-brimmed Murkrowesque hat hid the top half of her face, but that didn’t stop her from putting on dark sunglasses to further shield the light (and her vision). Almost as if she wanted to hide her eyes… hm.

    She had a tall, thin, almost slouching frame, and pale skin. Her hair was black and flowed down past her shoulders, forming into thick spikes at the bottom. The automatic place for her hands seemed to be in the pockets of her trenchcoat.

    “Hello, people.” She gave a wry smile, and took her hands out of her pockets only to fold them across her chest. Mesprit looked down to her and asked, “Hey, want to get up here? It’s way more fun for laughing at them.” Kris grimaced.

    “No, no. That’s alright, Mesprit. I’m fine down here. It looks so much better when the good parts come.” Yami shrugged.

    “Suit yourself. Any questions?” Mesprit turned her attention back to the three hostages, tilting her head ever so slightly.

    “Here’s one,” Kris practically shouted, “why are you trying to kill Caro and I, too? Isn’t it just him you want?” She inclined with her head towards Cyrus, still being held in the air by Machamp.

    Mesprit’s eyes lit up. She had expected this one. “First, I’m not trying to kill you. I’m trying to destroy you. When you ‘kill’ someone, they can be brought back if you can convince Arceus to go for it. When you ‘destroy’ someone, you can’t bring back their soul or their body. It’s all gone. Burned. Ripped to pieces. Eaten. Destroyed!”

    Cyrus was now throwing any personal beliefs to the wind and was glaring angrily at Mesprit. “This is insane!” he spat.

    “And so are you,” Mesprit said, putting a small frown on her face and raising her head. Yami laughed. “Why am I taking you two, as well?” Mesprit continued. “Well, there are two reasons: One, you two are witnessing this entire shabang and therefore must be dealt with, and two, it’s just more fun.” She beamed. This thing really had gone crazy.

    “I’m beginning to get pretty tired of that excuse,” Kris spat. She winced and gasped as the Embargo around her tightened.

    “Oh, yes,” Mesprit chirped. “Did I mention Embargoes can also squeeze the life out of you?”

    She was saying all of this with a completely optimistic tone, making it that much easier to get very, very mad at her. This was supposed to be an epic finale – Kris and Caro are paralyzed from the waist down, Cyrus is being hung from his hands by a giant Machamp (not to mention being reunited with the exclamation point), who apparently belongs to someone he knows. And Mesprit was totally slaughtering the mood by beaming and speaking in the most pleasant way possible? You’d think she would be a bit more ser- oh, hold on.

    Never mind.

    “Question two.” Cyrus spoke again. “What is she doing here?” He inclined to Yami with his head, due to his lack of range with his hands.

    “Ah, yes. Yami. Nearly forgot about her, silly me.” Mesprit smiled evilly. “You’re referring to my assistant over here? I’m sure you must be completely puzzled by why she is so willing to do what I say, and so enraged at you. Let me tell you now – all that fury is totally authentic. I didn’t put in any of it. Deep inside that emotional bottle of hers, she really, really hates you. Couldn’t imagine why…” Mesprit laughed evilly. “I just messed with her loyalty and self-control a bit… you know, to make the transaction go smoother?”

    Kris turned her head to look at Cyrus. “Are you saying that you know this lady?” she asked.


    “You know, telling us something would seriously help here!” Caro hissed, beginning to get angry.

    “There’s really no point in telling them,” Mesprit’s malicious smile stretched further. “I think that we should just let Yami’s eyes do the talking, don’t you think? It would make for a much more dynamic revelation. Yami, take off your sunglasses.”

    The woman slunk up to the people being held hostage by her Pokemon. Cyrus couldn’t help feeling Machamp’s breathing get faster - it wasn’t exactly helping his situation. Bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad! Very bad…

    Oh Arceus. Why did Mesprit have to bring her?

    She smiled wickedly, and took off her hat and sunglasses. At that point, it was completely apparent why she had done so much to shadow the upper side of her face.

    This is insane! Completely insane!

    Her eyes were a rather odd gray color that seemed to look right through you sometimes, and other times were just there, not looking like they did anything.

    Everyone was silent for a few minutes. After that had finished, Kris was mumbling things under her breath, and Caro kept looking frantically between Cyrus and Yami. After a while of this, he groaned loudly.

    “Mesprit! Not cool!” The boy groaned.

    She nodded proudly.

    “Brilliant, eh? They’re exactly alike!” Her tone turned darker again. “Alright. Now that we have that all taken care of, we can start the summoning, yeah?” Everyone turned up to look at her.

    “Summoning?” Kris shouted. “Summoning who?”

    Mesprit laughed maliciously. “Oh, you know.” She lowered her head ominously, so that the shadow went farther down her face and obscured her eyes. She got up and floated a few feet above her perch above the door, and then spoke. “Nobody special…”

    “Just an old plot device of yours.” Mesprit jangled the Chain again, as Yami smiled.

    “Nice quote,” she said up to Mesprit.

    “Thank you.” Mesprit smiled genuinely at her for a second, before her face twisted back to its now-usual malevolence. “GIRATINA!” She shouted as she flew over their heads. The Embargoes holding Caro and Kris flung them around gracelessly, and Machamp turned in much the same manner. “YOU MAY COME OUT NOW!”

    Yami gave one last evil smirk at Cyrus before walking back to join Mesprit.

    Black drops began to bleed out in the center of the room, eventually being filled by a larger hole. It grew bigger and bigger, soon swelling to such a size that it stretched from almost one side of the walkway on which it rested to the other. Two red pricks of light appeared in the middle of the inky blackness, and from it raised a huge tower of shadow with six luminous red spikes drumming against each other, three on each side, in the center. It soon became apparent that the pricks of light were meant to be eyes.

    Mesprit reclined backwards; looking almost relaxed, she put her hands behind her head to watch the spectacle. Yami returned her hands to her pockets and leaned against the wall.

    The red spikes stopped drumming and flung themselves outwards, where they suddenly revealed themselves to be claws of some sort on a giant set of… well… paws. But, you know, that’s just the way Origiratina rolls. The shadow reared up like a giant serpent, and it spread out its claw-things menacingly...

    (It should be noted that Cyrus is shaking violently and breathing unevenly at this point. You didn’t honestly expect him to stare into space through this entire thing, did you?)

    And Origiratina stayed there.

    No pouncing violently on anyone this time, thank Arceus for that.

    It just stood there, waiting for Mesprit to give it orders. It began to move the claws, bringing them out of their ominous rearing position, and did the most amazing thing – Origiratina crossed them. It glowered at Cyrus, and its glowing eyes narrowed. “Hello,” It spat in a cold, echoing tone.

    “Yes, yes, I’m sure you’re quite eager to start the reunion.” Mesprit nodded understandingly, and floated up right next to Origiratina, much to his – her? - annoyance. “But try to act as imposing as you possibly can. It’s way, way more fun.” She nodded at Origiratina, who nodded back. Kris’ grimace deepened.

    “Really?” He – she? Forget it, let’s call Origiratina an ‘it’ - said, after pausing to think it over. “That sounds interesting. All right… hold on; let me get in character…” It took a deep breath, and reared back even further, as if it were about to unleash a giant Flamethrower.


    “Alright, that’s better. Sayonara, loonies!” Origiratina, still cloaked in shadow, stretched up out of the wormhole to such an extent that he was barely touching it, and reared its shadowy claws again.

    "And now!" Mesprit cheered. "Now, all will end. And all will begin... for you three, anyway. Gyahahahaha!"

    With one fell swipe, Origiratina brought the huge glob of shadow down.

    It swung towards the trio like a giant pendulum (with glowing red spikes pulsing and twitching for added effect). The Machamp was hastily called back into its Pokeball, flinging his hostage to the floor, and the Embargo lifted, just before the shadow-claw reached the three defenseless humans thrust to the ground. For some reason, maybe Cyrus’ brain working in overdrive to analyze the situation, something Yami whispered rang in his ears loud and clear:

    “See you never, bro…”

    And all was white.

    As Mesprit disappeared into another dimension with her Mad Legendary Skillz, Yami regained her previous mindset (meaning, before she was practically brainwashed). She could remember everything that had just happened, and as she recalled it a look of horror swept over her face. She looked back up at Mesprit’s perch, breathing in ragged gasps and seriously hating herself.

    “Arceus… what have I done…?”

    Before you ask, yes. Yami is Cyrus' sister. She was an old character I had retired a while ago, but since Cyrus was in this story I might as well add her. C:
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