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Originally Posted by Vince_27 View Post
I don't understand very well.

When I have open these two window, what I have to do after?
Sorry if I'm annoying with this.
First of all, I see some errors in your worldmap. When you want to insert it into a ROM, you have to make sure that every town / city is on a different tile, in other words, fit into a 8x8 square. As for routes, or 2x1/1x2 cities, they have to be either 8 pixels tall, or 8 pixels wide. They have to fit within a line of 8x8 squares. As a reference, check this:

See how every town / city / route follows the grid? That's what your worldmap is supposed to do, too. When you have that, it's A LOT easier to make a tileset out of it. Nintendo does it, too, because in-game the worldmap cursor will move in straight lines, and follow a 8x8 tile setup.
To make a tileset, just copy every square to the tileset image (the empty one), except the ones that are used more than once. The order doesn't really matter, but I prefer to put tiles I use often, like the sea, or cities, in the beginning of the tileset, so I don't have to search for them.
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