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    Pokemon Pyrite is now complete! Download link available on the Youtube Trailer.

    Approximately 20+ hours of gameplay!
    Announcing, Pokemon Pyrite, a brand new game using Poccil's Pokemon Essentials Script for RPG Maker XP.

    Storyline: A young boy by the name of Silver decides to join the ranks of Team Rocket. In order to become a Team Rocket member, Silver had to choose one of three genetically engineered Pokemon to defeat a Team Rocket officer. Upon defeating the officer, Silver is granted membership, and must aid Giovanni in taking over the region of Kyushu. The Kyushu region is directly west of Johto, and later in the game, Silver will need to venture there on missions. You will learn of Silver's origin as the game progresses.

    Intro Quest: You begin within the Team Rocket Headquarters in the Kyushu region where you select 1 of 3 kanto pokemon that had been genetically engineered. After you select a Pokemon, you are sent to the town of Selentear to steal a Kyushu region starter. They are Pinino, Tanuchi, and Skiddlish. After you steal a pokemon, you are challenged by Red, who tells you that stealing is wrong and battles you. After you kick his ass, you go back to the headquarters to inform the commandant of your progress. You later find out that Giovanni still works for Team Rocket and wants to speak to you after you obtain your first gym badge. This is the basic intro, more will be announced as progress develops.

    ~New Region featuring over 50 custom Pokemon, created by my sprite artist Rocko-the-Taco on DeviantArt.

    ~Animated Pokemon on Battle Screen

    ~Fully Orchestrated Soundtrack

    ~Custom Starter Pokemon, Pinino, Tanuchi, Skiddlish. Grass, Fire, and Water respectively.

    ~A Bug Catching Contest, same as in PkmnGSC

    ~Custom Evoutions, Evolution by unhappiness, by item held and leveling (without consuming the item )

    ~Pokemon from gens 1-4 will be in the game, plus custom pokemon leaving a grand total of 544.

    ~Partial Kanto and Johto regions will be in the game.

    ~A Touhou Style Minigame

    ~Triple Triad



    ~New Pokemon in the game:
    494-Sannec Ground

    495-Servune Ground-Evolves from Sannec

    496-Skeletank Ground/Fighting-Evolves from Marowak

    497-Fabricat'd Fighting/Flying-Evolves from Farfetch'd

    498-Spectreon Ghost-Evolves from Eevee when unhappy

    499-Pernade Grass/Fire

    500-Althund Normal, Semi-Legendary

    501-Hammole Ground

    502-Miamole Ground/Fire, Evolves from Hammole

    503-Pinino Grass, Starter

    504-Appoiera Grass/Fighting, Evolves from Pinino

    505-Pinhombre Grass/Fighting, Evolves from Appoiera

    506-Tanuchi Fire, Starter

    507-Tanorchi Fire, Evolves from Tanuchi

    508-Tanukula Fire, Evolves from Tanorchi

    509-Skiddlish Water, Starter

    510-Kuttler Water, Evolves from Skiddlish

    511-Krakapten Water, Evolves from Kuttler

    512-Puffish Water/Poison, Evolves from Qwilfish

    513-Buzzkaw Normal/Flying

    514-Condire Normal/Flying, Evolves from Buzzkaw

    515-Vultame Psychic/Flying, Evolves from Buzzkaw under special conditions

    516-Amphugly Water/Poison

    517-Keroking Water, Evolves from Amphugly

    518-Pumkid Ghost/Grass

    519-Jakolan Ghost/Grass, Evolves from Pumkid

    520-Kerope Psychic, Mew Equivilant

    521-Valhallow Ghost/Fighting

    522-Calfarce Normal, Evolves into Miltank/Tauros depending on gender

    523-Gyrobe Electric, Evolves from Electrode

    524-Loukace Bug

    525-Pyrant Bug/Fire, Evolves from Loukace

    526-Burnant Bug/Fire, Evolves from Pyrant

    527-Pupple Grass

    528-Wolvern Grass/Dark, Evolves from Pupple

    529-Werevine Grass/Dark, Evolves from Wolvern

    530-Amnest Dark, Evolves from Absol when unhappy

    531-Ourobore Normal/Dragon, Evolves from Dunsparce

    532-Pricthos Water/Rock

    533-Icthorn Water/Rock, Evolves from Pricthos

    534-Chemur Normal

    535-Desindri Normal, Evolves from Chemur

    536-Peafruit Grass/Flying

    537-Peaflaunt Grass/Flying, Evolves from Peafruit

    538-Kumorisu Electric/Flying, Evolves from Pachirisu

    539-Kubluhkhan Normal, Evolves into Kangaskhan when happy.

    540-Absent, prevolution of Absol, evolves when happy.

    541-Steevia, Grass/Normal

    542-Gambelie, Normal

    543-Zephereon, Flying, Evolves from Eevee when unhappy

    544-Xiades, Dark/Dragon, End Game Legendary

    Support Bars:

    Quick Patches:
    Fix for Victory Road Teleport:
    Fix for End Game Reveal Bug:

    Pokemon Pyrite is now complete, check out the trailer/download link here:
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