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    Dunsparce's Cherish Pokemon Thread
    Welcome, one and all, to my trade thread. Here you will find many events, both common and uncommon. Pokemon marked with are Dunsparce Originals, which means that this specific individual of that event came originally from me.

    Friend Code: 4382 8657 4461:
    -PC Tokyo Charmander (Event Moves: Howl, Quick Attack)
    -TCGWC Pikachu (Event Move: Surf)
    -Nzone Pikachu NEW!
    -Pokemon Center Meowth
    -Saikyou Dragonite
    -TRU Dragonite
    -Palcity Mew (Event Move: Teleport)
    -Ranch Mew (Japanese) (Event Moves: Synthesis, Hypnosis, Teleport)
    -Shotokan Pichu(aka Pikachu Coloured Pichu)
    -Goruko Octillery 10/20/07
    -Goruko Octillery 10/21/07
    -Goruko Octillery 10/27/07 Likes to Run
    -Goruko Octillery 10/27/07 Strong Willed
    -YAMAMOTO Whiscash
    -Saikyou Milotic
    -SYOKOTON Tropius
    -Saikyou Salamence
    -Red Metagross
    -TANABATA Jirachi
    -Movie Deoxys
    -Gamestop Deoxys
    -Palcity Lucario
    -Saikyou Electivire
    -Saikyou Magmortar
    -11th Movie Regigigas (Event Moves: Iron Head, Icy Wind)
    -TRU Regigigas (Event Moves: Iron Head, Icy Wind)
    -Ranch Phione (Japanese)
    -Ranch Phione (English)
    -Palcity Manaphy
    -Toys 'R' Us Manaphy
    -NWS Manaphy
    -E4ALL Manaphy
    -JBHF Manaphy
    -10th Movie Darkrai (Quirky) (Event Moves: Roar of Time, Spacial Rend)
    -10th Movie Darkrai (Modest) (Event Moves: Roar of Time, Spacial Rend)
    -Alamos Darkrai (Event Moves: Roar of Time, Spacial Rend)
    -11th Movie Shaymin
    -TRU Shaymin

    Friend Code: 0732 1436 2006:
    -McDonald's Pikachu (Event Move: Present)
    -PC Japan Pikachu (Event Move: Surf)
    -Akiyama Slaking
    -BABA Flygon
    -WCS Milotic
    -VGC Milotic (English) NEW!
    -VGC Milotic (French) NEW!
    -NZ Jirachi (Modest) (Event Move: Draco Meteor)
    -NZ Jirachi (Timid) (Event Move: Draco Meteor)
    -Palcity Manaphy

    Non-Cherish Events(Pearl)NEW!:
    -10JAHRE Charizard (GLURAK)
    -10 Aniv. Blastoise
    -PKTOPIA Pikachu (Event Move: Surf)
    -10 Aniv. Alakazam
    -Yukari Aerodacty NEW!
    -10 Aniv. Dragonite NEW!
    -Hadou/Wave Mew COMMING SOON!
    -MYSTRY Mew
    -Aura Mew (Naive)
    -Aura Mew (Lax) NEW!
    -PC Japan Gligar NEW!
    -10 Aniv. Raikou
    -10 Aniv. Suicune
    -Pokemon XD Lugia (Event Moves: Psycho Boost, Featherdance) COMMING SOON!
    -10 Aniv. Ho-oh (Adamant)
    -MATTLE Ho-oh
    -AGETTO Celebi
    -MITSURIN Celebi
    -10 Aniv. Celebi
    -10 Aniv Blaziken (Modest)
    -RUBY Zigzagoon (Adamant)
    -SAPPHIRE Zigzagoon
    -French Pokemon Box Zigzagoon (Event Move: Extremespeed)
    -Pokemon Center Ralts (Event Move: Wish)
    -Yukari Shroomish NEW!
    -SHINY Pokemon Box Skitty (Event Move: Pay Day)
    -Pokepark Cacnea (Event Move: Encore)
    -ROCKS Metang (Event Move: Refresh)
    -Hadou Regirock
    -Hadou Regice
    -Hadou Registeel
    -NEGAI BOSHI Jirachi
    -TANABATA Jirachi
    -WISHMKR Jirachi
    -Hayley Pachirisu NEW!
    -Concert Chatot NEW!
    -Japanese Ranger 2 Riolu NEW!
    -PKTOPIA Electivire
    -PKTOPIA Magmortar
    -MIZUNOTAMI Manaphy
    -Japanese Ranger 2 Darkrai NEW!
    -English Ranger 1 Manaphy Egg NEW!
    -Japanese Ranger 2 Manaphy Egg NEW!

    Looking For:
    Note: I am Not Picky and I will accept any other good deals you can strike up with me. Big wants are Bolded:

    Cherish Wants:
    -UT PC Japan Pikachu
    -UT Battle Series 2009 Arcanine
    -UT Onemuri Pikachu
    -UT PC Sapporo Eevee

    Other Event Wants:
    -UT 10 ANIV Articuno
    -UT 10 ANIV Entei
    -UT Mattle Ho-oh
    -UT Negai Boshi Jirachi
    -UT Space C Deoxys
    -UT Pokepark Tickle Wynaut
    -UT Adamant PCNY Seadra(W/Dragon Scale so It'll evolve)
    -UT XD Adamant/Jolly MALE Baton Pass Beedrill
    -UT Calm/Sassy Poke Park Leech Seed Oddish

    Misc. Wants:
    -UT Adamant Intimidate Close Combat Snubbull
    -UT Adamant Rock Head Bonsly
    -UT Adamamant Aqua Jet Huge Power Marril
    -UT Modest Solar Power Sunkern
    -UT Timid Natural Cure Staryu
    -UT Adamant Swablu
    -UT Modest Chlorophyll HP Fire Tangela (A good HP, mind you, as in 60-70 Base Power)
    -UT Adamant Extremespeed Pokemon Box Zigzagoon
    -UT Modest Swift Swim Mirror Coat Mantyke
    -UT Modest Speed Boost HP Fire Yanma
    -UT Timid Trace Porygon2 w/Dubious Disc
    -UT Jolly Pursuit/Double-Edge Starly
    -UT Careful Thick Fat Curse Munchlax
    -UT Jolly Quick Feet Close Combat Teddiursa
    -UT Naive Quick Feet Close Combat Snubull
    -UT Timid Hustle Remoraid
    -UT Impish Sand Veil Gligar
    -UT Timid Techician Meowth

    Biggest Want of all:
    -UT Adamant Japanese Swift Swim Swords Dance Qwilfish
    NOTE: It can only get Swords Dance in 3rd Gen via Move Tutor. Oddly, it can't learn the Swords Dance TM in 4th Gen.
    Thanks to the member joshuatm, I can now move on to my next big want!

    -UT JAPANESE Modest Male Combee (Seriously) Once Again, Thanks to the member joshuatm, Another Biggest Want is Filled.

    -UT JAPANESE Adamant Headbutt/Body Slam Serene Grace Dunsparce
    Note: Headbutt is an Egg Move and Body Slam is a 3rd Gen Tutor Move.


    -UT 12th Movie Arceus (Especially Adamant, Jolly, Modest, and Timid ones, but I'm open minded)
    3DS Friend Code: 1134 7962 5760

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