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    Originally Posted by joshuatm View Post
    just. got. your. evil. dammit. qwilfish. i spent three hours! i am 18, i'm either too old or too young to be doing that! NOW I HATE QWILFISH. i've never even had one before i think... i got two adamant in the first like 50 catches but they didn't have すいすい they had some どく poison other ability thing. third time lucky. (i only got it since it was your biggest want, and i was bored!) what do i get for it? are all your event pokemon UT unless said otherwise? oh yeah, it came with harden, something, something, and minimize, and i made it forget minimize in return for swords dance. if you want me to make it forget something else tell me. and yep i caught it all legally on japanese fire red. (lucky i didn't buy leaf green) i haven't pal parked it but if you want i can do that tomorrow. but tell me why you wanted it so bad? isn't tentacruel better for a posion/water pokemon? or do you collect adamant japanese pokemon? anyway hope you enjoy it. (haven't set up a friend code on my jp pokemon yet so i'll do that soon too.)

    You're my new best friend!!!

    I'll give you a whole team of Pokemon for your effort!

    I like keeping my Japanese Platinum "Pure", as in, most or all of the Pokemon on it are Japanese (with a few exceptions). With non-nicknamed Unevolved Pokemon, all you have to do is evolve them on a Japanese game and they themselves become Japanese. Pokemon that Can't Evolve, like Pinsir and Qwilfish, can't have their Language changed.

    Also, I LOVE Qwilfish. Not as much as Dunsparce, but it's up there along with my other two favorite Water types: Mantine and Octillery.

    When I found out that Qwilfish couldn't get the Swords Dance TM, I was like all "D:", because that meant that I'd have to get one from a Japanese Fire Red (The only GBA game where it was available)


    The only Touched Events I have are the ones I'm looking for an UT version of on my Want list.
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