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Originally Posted by {NM}Redwolf View Post
What would u want for your McDonald's Pikachu lv20 Bashful ID 05308
GW Pikachu lv10 Lax ID 50425
ANA Pikachu lv10 Timid ID 41205
I can offer a lvl 100 shiny charzard and aggron plus a celebi for these 3 pokemon
What do you have to offer for those please??

Originally Posted by ~MagmortaЯ~ View Post
Treecko lv10 Naive ID 51126
Mudkip lv10 Careful ID 51126
Torchic lv10 Calm ID 51126

Chikorita lv10 Serious ID 51224
Cyndaquil lv10 Naive ID 51224
Totodile lv10 Quiet ID 51224

Delibird lv10 Docile ID 60114
Mantine lv10 Careful ID 60114
Chansey lv10 Bashful ID 60114
Electabuzz lv10 Bold ID 60114
Qwilfish lv10 Rash ID 60114
Magmar lv10 Rash ID 60114
Bellsprout lv10 Quirky Id 60114
Sneasel lv10 Jolly ID 60114
Kangaskhan lv10 Mild ID 60114
Scyther lv10 Rash ID 60114
Pikachu lv10 Calm ID 60114
Misdreavus lv10 Calm ID 60114
Murkrow lv10 Sassy ID 60114
Ekans lv10 Sassy ID 60114
Growlithe lv10 Lax ID 60114
Tauros lv10 Bold ID 60114

Can we trade for these on friday when im done giving u the Pokemon? thanks
I'll check your thread for others, see you for the trade on saturday.

Originally Posted by JMS01 View Post
im very interested in your Deoxys lv50 Timid would you be willing to trade it for another deoxys lv100 naughty (jap) i think

i also have have an Aura Mew lv10/lax
Is that one of my gamestop's??
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