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    sooo, where is everyone? o_0
    Hadn't had questions for a while.
    I really want teh mappies, Freak!

    oh yes guys, some more info:

    SO THAT EVERYONE KNOWS, you're not allowed to accept members to the team unless your actually one of the people who does that job ON MY TEAM(so you can't accept a designer unless you are one) and they all have to be checked by me, so that I know about it and I'm ok with it. Sorry if this sounds bossy, it's just that I don't want a newbie spriter coming along to ask for feedback and having someone say "great you're on the team!" when i never approved of it. Because, after that I'd have to PM the person and say that they're not.
    And that'd be really hurtful.

    But, if someone shows you their work and you think they should be on the team, you can tell me whenever.

    If you are planning on signing up please visit the first post an make sure you follow the rules there.
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