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    My second fanfiction. This one is a project with many of the members at my forum (since some characters are theirs, and they are credited for it).

    But enough of that. The story takes place after the final events of Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, but fuses itself with the anime and some Original Characters which are owned by Roleplayers at Gateway Island. I'm not trying to advertise here, only giving them their respective credit for their creations.

    I'll leave any other story details to the story itself. The Prologue details only what events are important to know from Pokémon XD. Spoiler warning.


    Some years ago… there was a region, out there, called Orre. For more than seven years, it was threatened with an evil organization, the self-proclaimed owners of the world, Cipher. Through a complex process, Cipher had turned the creatures of this world into fighting machines. They shut the doors to their hearts and blocked their way of thought.
    They were fittingly called… Shadow Pokémon.
    Greevil was the commander of this organization, aided by the administrators Eldes and Ardos…
    Three heroes appeared to help. Seth and Rui were the first to battle Cipher, defeating the evil commander of that time. The final stab was done by Michael, some years later, causing Greevil’s defeat. They were helped by many good friends, including the region’s laboratory.
    Cipher had finally been defeated, and the ultimate Shadow Pokémon had been purified. Orre returned to normality very soon…
    However, despite having Greevil and Eldes locked up, Ardos had escaped from Citadark Island… the authorities searched and searched yet again, but Ardos was nowhere to be found in Orre. Nor in Orre… nor in any other place in the world. The authorities assumed him dead.

    Back to Vermillion!

    The young man gave out a loud yawn after getting out of the comfort that the sofa offered. Light was starting to come through the window, just behind him, which forced the trainer to get up and make the first step that day: to step on his Mightyena’s tail.
    - Whoa! Calm down! – The boy shouted as the Pokémon threw him backwards with only its front paws, forcing him to sit down and face its mighty snarl and fearless, red eyes. – Eheh, good morning, Mightyena!
    The Pokémon frowned and took its paws of the boy’s chest, raising an ear after lying down again, just in case the human decided to step on him again.
    The boy sighed in deep relief; he knew his Mightyena’s humor.
    So, very carefully, he got up, taking off the stained, once white shirt, so he could get a new, clean one, and also get some different jeans. Blue just wasn’t his color. His darker ones would do just fine.
    - MISTER LAAAAAWWWRIIIIIIDE!! – Someone shouted with full lungs outside, banging the door.
    The boy halted in the middle of the stairs and quickly retreated, running to open the door before the usual crazed mailman and its Pelliper came.
    - WHAT?! – The boy yelled just as loud as the mailman outside.
    - You’re David Lawride, right?
    The boy frowned and took the envelopes on the man’s hand.
    - You deliver mail to me personally for five years now, who else would it be? – David muttered, closing the door with a bang.
    Six envelopes for his parents to pay… but there was a seventh one with a fancy seal. It was tainted in a blood red color, with a shield design in its front.
    Highly curious, David threw the six other letters to the table and took the seventh one with him to the sofa again. Mightyena scurried away, trying not to be stepped on the tail again.
    The trainer eagerly yet carefully took the seal out of the letter and placed it by him, as if it were a precious treasure.
    The envelope, though, didn’t receive the same treatment: the boy ripped open the letter and took the parchment, throwing the envelope away.
    His eyes crossed the carefully written lines, reading them very slowly. The letter… it was an invitation. And from the looks of the seal, it was a royal one too.
    As he finished reading, he didn’t speak a word. David got up and put on a new, white shirt, as well as his short sleeved grey and black jacket. There was already something on its pocket, and David knew what it was.
    He swiftly took out a Pokéball and hurled it up in the air, catching and pointing it at Mightyena.
    - It took long enough, Migthyena… But it seems like we’ve got ourselves a challenge! The world is going to know the name David Lawride!
    Mightyena’s ears perked up at the word “challenge”. It was enough to make him get up and approach his trainer with a defying expression.
    - We’re going to the Orthan Kingdom! The Meag League awaits us! – David announced to his Pokémon, raising the Pokéball in his hand.

    - Brock! Look!

    We find our heroes in their journey once more. Ash and his friends are again on their tracks, heading to Sunyshore City after a long wait at the Lakefront, and Ash is eager to get the eighth badge to enter the Sinnoh League. Unbeknown to them, a surprise is awaiting, and its moored at the city’s pier.

    - There it is! Built around the bay, Sunyshore City! – Brock declared, stopping on the top of the hill to admire the marine waters that bathed the coast. It was extremely hot, too.
    - Hey, aren’t those solar panels? – Dawn asked right after, pointing at the darkened, glass roads over the city.
    - Yup. The city has sun around the clock, and I heard they also have problems with electricity.
    - Oh, so that’s why we were blocked back there… - Dawn stopped and looked around. – Hum, where’s Ash?
    - Wasn’t he with you?
    - Down here, you two!
    Both turned around the looked at the bottom of the hill. Ash had barely gone past the beginning of the climb, and was currently gasping while stretched in the middle of the grass. Pikachu, on the other hand, had already reached Brock and Dawn, and was watching Ash alongside Piplup.
    - Don’t you even dare to laugh… - The young trainer muttered, using some of the rocks to help him go up.
    - You never change, do you…? – Dawn sighed, crossing her arms and turning around. – You wanna get to Sunyshore today or not?
    - Depends on whether you want to help me or not!
    - I guess. – Brock replied instead, rubbing the back of the head while reaching out his hand.
    Ash grabbed the hand tight and tried to walk, despite having damp grass underneath him.
    However, he eventually did it, now with the help of Dawn and the two free Pokémon.
    - You owe me one! – Dawn taunted, picking Piplup up and walking away.
    - Well thanks a lot. – Ash couldn’t still move much, tired out from the climb.
    - Pika… - Pikachu sighed, moving along with Dawn.
    - I’ll help you up. Come on. – Brock offered a hand, which Ash gladly accepted to get up.
    - Thanks. – Ash adjusted the hat and kept walking. – We’d better go, or Dawn’ll keep going without us. And I want that Beacon Badge!
    Brock nodded and followed the trainer, both keen to reach Sunyshore. The path there was clear of trainers, which gave them an opportunity to relax and admire the sea by the cliffs, in an endless struggle to win terrain over each other.

    - Your ticket, sir. – An attendant politely asked, stretching his hand at the blue haired boy in front of him. The boy’s rouge aspect was actually leaving the attendant quite annoyed to just look. He did, though, take one look up and down at the boy. His hair was dyed deep blue, just like the stripes that were randomly spread across his black shirt. A golden chain hung from his dark jeans’ pocket, where the Pokéball belt was also strapped. The man’s eyes twitched and he turned away.
    - Ticket?! But the letter didn’t include any ticket! – The boy replied back, stomping the ground. – I have to get in that ship! Isn’t that S.S. Quest?!
    - Yes it is, sir. But I cannot allow you to go in without the ticket. – The attendant insisted, more annoyed than before.
    - Grr… - The boy snarled, taking an envelope from his pocket. – See this? This is my ticket! And if you need more confirmation of who I am… - He took his Trainer Card from the pocket as well. – You can clearly see here that my name is Geais! See here in the letter too?! – He pointed at a sentence in the beginning. – It also says Geais! And that’s me! So you’re gonna let me in, right?!
    The attendant’s eyes twitched and he stepped aside.
    - You may go in… sir…
    - That’s more like it. – Geais replied, putting the documents away again. – Orthan waits the coming of Twinleaf’s victor!
    Geais kept going up the bridge, into the ship, making loud noises as he stepped through the wood floor. The cracks and mute sounds kept getting into the man’s nerves, but he kept his calm. He would soon leave that wretched town Sinnoh called Sunyshore.
    The attendant took a small, very tidy parchment from his left pocket and looked down with a serious look. Three pictures with the respective descriptions were seen, and the man took a close look at each of them.
    He then heard voices and looked up, turning only his eyes.
    - Look at that ship…! It’s magnificent! – A girl with a white hood cried out from near the attendant. – I would so give anything to ride one of these!
    The man coughed very quietly and approached the girl.
    - Madam, are you perhaps… - He took another look at the paper. – Dawn?
    The girl blinked a few times, undecided if she should freak out or act politely, just like the man was. The tuxedo was imposing, and the hands, covered by clean, bright white gloves were leaving her with the thought that this man belonged to royalty.
    - Y-yes! I’m Dawn!
    His serious expression softened very slowly, but eventually turned into a smile.
    - I have a delivery for you. It is from the Orthanian Royal Family. – The attendant reached for an envelope in his pocket, superbly sealed with a round, blood red seal. He handed it over to Dawn and nodded after seeing her hesitation.
    Dawn took the paper and opened it very carefully, as if the man would scold her for opening it wildly.
    - “Trainers of the world… of every nation! The Orthanian Royal Family formally invites you to participate in the Mega League in the Orthan Kingdom, following the coronation of the new king to rule our region! The Orthanian Royal family would be much pleased to be able to count with your participation in such event, and as such, it is offering a free voyage aboard the S.S. Quest, our luxury liner to take you to Orthan in the trip of your dreams…! Do not miss this opportunity! Why must you come? Because you may compete in Gym Battles, Colosseum Tournaments, Contests and, in the end of the line, the Elite Four! We await you at the Orthan Kingdom! Present in one of the following destinations to attend…” – Dawn stopped reading for a bit and skipped right to the end of the letter with her eyes shining beneath the sun. – “Signed, The Orthanian Royal Family.”.
    - Hey Dawn! What’s going on? – Ash called, approaching the friend. She was completely immobile, almost drooling at the paper in her hands. The attendant frowned for a moment. – Dawn?
    - Pika pi? – Pikachu called as well, tapping her legs. Piplup did the same thing.
    - What’s the matter, Ash? – Brock also appeared at his side, curious as to why they were gathering.
    - Ahem… - Even while coughing, the man seemed polite. – If I may, your friend seems to be in a state of shock. She has just now read an invitation you might also want to read.
    Ash hummed and carefully took the paper from Dawn’s hands, as if they would break if it were taken too fast.
    - “Trainers of the world… blah blah blah… participate in… blah… why must you come… blah bl-…” – Ash stopped in the list of challenges, freezing inside.
    - A coronation? – Brock interrupted, asking the man.
    - Indeed. You see, Master Allester Domikkin, the current king of Orthan, is about to leave his throne to young master Demin. Coincidently, the Orthanian League is about to start, and the Royal Family associated with a regional company to organize these tournaments you are being invited to.
    - Wow… that’s making me feel important. – Ash commented, still stunned by the list of challenges that the Orthan Family was offering. – But that’s the least part! I’ve breezed through many leagues, and this isn’t going to be an exception! Right, Pikachu?
    - Pikachu! – Pikachu shouted energetically, curling his fists just like his trainer.
    - I must say that the Gym or Colosseum challenges are no easy matter. Each of the seven Gyms is a challenge to one’s body and mind. They demand strategy and dedication on knowing your foe. – The butler replied, triumphant, as if trying to scare off Ash’s idea of competing.
    - Seven? – Brock interrupted. – Aren’t leagues usually made of eight?
    - Orthan is a very special league. Bear with me. You have not seen anything like it before.
    - It’s the same thing all over! I’m going to conquer all that in no time! – Ash halted and turned away. – After I’m done with the Sunyshore Gym Battle.
    - WHAT?! – Both the butler and Brock yelled.
    - You’re going to ignore the chance of getting fame in the Orthan Royal Family?! – The man added.
    - What, I need this last badge… - Ash replied, rubbing the back of his head.
    - You don’t need to, my boy. I’m going to Orthan myself!
    - Isn’t that…
    Ash gulped and turned around.
    - Volkner?! – He cried out, stepping back quite a few meters.
    - That’s right! I’m going to participate in the Orthan League as well! – The blond, blue garbed Gym Leader went ahead to the butler, showing the invitation. – If you want the badge, you’ll have to wait a while! There ain’t that many strong trainers around here, and most of them are getting into my nerves because they just don’t have the spirit to fight. So, I’m taking some relaxing vacations and kick some ass in the Orthanian Colosseum Challenge!
    - Well, Ash… you don’t have much of a choice, now. – Brock dryly commented, dragging the young trainer to the butler. He seemingly had more will to go than even Ash did. – Come on, you won’t miss this chance!
    The boy, though, only sighed, switching his look from Volkner to Pikachu and then to Brock and the butler.
    - Ash, is it? – The Gym Leader called from the ship’s bridge. He was actually sitting on the edge. Ash nodded, puzzled. – Well, Ash, you’ll learn in life that you’ll have to take an alternate path quite often. Sometimes, for the better, too. You’ll never know what you’ll find in your new way, but you’re sure to find strength if it’s the way of Pokémon! You’ll find what you need to bulk up and stand against any trainer!
    Volkner jumped from the bridge to the ship.
    - And by the way, life sucks. – He blinked and gave him a smirk, leaving off with his habitual cool air around him and his haircut.
    - Wow. Volkner just scolded you. – Brock snickered, crossing his arms. – So, you coming? You aren’t just going to stand there after having a Gym Leader teach you a lesson, right?
    - You think I’d miss this? I’m not standing back anymore! Pikachu, come on! – The Pokémon energetically jumped to his shoulder. – We’re gonna conquer Orthan!
    With that, Ash ran off to the bridge, and surprisingly, the butler let him through.
    Brock started to walk, but suddenly stopped, looking back.
    - Hey Dawn! You coming too?
    The attendant stood quiet as he placed the Royal Family’s seal in her hand.
    - They await you. – He whispered in her ear, very quietly.
    Dawn slowly started to move, grasping the seal in her hands very tightly.
    - It’s my turn to shine! To shine to the Royal Family!
    - That’s the spirit! Come on! – Brock followed Dawn into the ship, both running excited to the luxury cruiser.
    The butler watched both with a grin as they ran away…
    But when he turned around, his face was grave. He checked the parchment once more.
    - All of the guests of Sinnoh have arrived… It is time to depart.
    He silently walked up the bridge while it was drawn in, entering one of the doors and disappearing behind it.

    - Anyone got a light in there?
    - Shut up, Meowth. We’ll be discovered if we turn a light on!
    - What are we doing here again, Jesse?
    - We’re here to steal anything that so-called Royal Family has to offer! Well get rotten rich!
    - Yeah! And then we’ll buy a real expensive gift to the boss and get a real expensive promotion!
    - It sounds just like the perfect plan!
    - Mawahaha!

    - Hum, one thing.
    - What is it, Meowth?
    - How the heck are we gonna get out of this box?
    - Wobbuffet!
    - Noooo!

    A whole new journey has arrived to our heroes… what will happen in Orthan? What people are they destined to meet? Who are they destined to reencounter? What challenges will block our friends’ way? Only time will tell…

    To be continued…

    Credit to:

    User darkbahamutneo for the trainer Geais
    Kuroko for the creation of the Royal Family and its members.

    All other characters from the anime are property of the respective creators.
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