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    Scripts are good of course. Real life examples such as "The Crucible" is an excellent script format play that's meant to be acted out, but still equally enjoyable when it's just read like a book.

    HOWEVER, not that script fanfic is unaccetpable, but let's say it's 95% a failure...? My reasons...

    a) scriptfic relies 100% on plot and tone to demonstrate character description, and I can hardly find tone in a non-script fanfic in PC... do you really think that someone in PC is going to be good enough to do an entire fanfic that bases all forms of character description on tone? Most likely, we'll result in some piece of crap known as "no description available."

    b) script fanfic also relies on heavy usage of symbolism and other implicit means to get an idea across, since the narrator is dead and everything relies on what the character(s) see(s) and know(s). Symbolism again, is hard enough to think of in a normal fanfic, and we're trying to write something that is to be filled with them?

    c) if your last name is Shakespeare then sure... as Oni pointed out already. By the way, how many Shakespeare are there in history again?

    d) For those who has read Hamlet... recall the sword fight scene near the end of the book between Hamlet and his uncle, or how Macbeth slays the king. How did Shakespeare describe those "action scenes?" Now imagine how he did that, and try to describe a Pokemon battle that way... best of luck.