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    Chapter Two
    Cassandra’s palms were sweating and she thought she might have a fever.

    Not too long ago, Cassandra and her mother had taken the trip down to Littleroot Town to collect her first Pokémon. Her mother had wanted her to import a different type of Starter Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, or Sinnoh (“Oh, dear, why don’t you get a lovely Piplup? You know, I hear Bulbasaur are loyal little things. What’s wrong with a darling little Cyndaquil?”), but she had wanted to start out in her own region. She had chosen Mudkip and named him Finny, and she thought he suited her just fine. He was a friendly little creature. Not too long after that, she had been successful in capturing a Swablu on their way through Rustboro, which she had decided to enter to use as her first Contest Pokémon.

    Now she was registering for the Contest in her own town of Verdanturf. She couldn’t say why she was so nervous; it was just registering, after all. But no matter how much she told herself that, she couldn’t help trembling as she stepped up to the desk. The woman looked down at her and smiled warmly.

    “Just sign your name under which date you’d like.”

    Cassandra picked up the pen and pulled the sheet toward her, looking down the line. There was one in three weeks…but was that too soon? She had been training both Finny and Swablu, but would they be ready in three weeks?

    Yes, said the strong, confident part of her brain. They will be ready.

    Cassandra shook some more. But what if they’re not?

    They will be ready.

    Trying to steady her hand, Cassandra signed herself up for the contest in three weeks. Under the column heading “Competing Pokémon”, she wrote down Swablu.

    The woman took the sheet back as Cassandra pushed it toward her and looked it over. “Okay…and may I see this Swablu? I have to make a small inspection.”

    Should I be worried? Cassandra wondered, pulling Swablu’s Poké Ball out of her purse. She tossed the Ball into the air with a slight flourish; she had been practicing for being a Coordinator since she was small, and this was now a habit. Swablu burst out of it and crowed happily before descending slowly to land on the desk. This was Swablu’s habit, having been practicing this very thing for days on end.

    “Very impressive,” the woman at the desk told her. She put a hand on Swablu’s head and touched her wings. After a while of looking her over, she nodded to Cassandra, looking at her full in the face for the first time. “You’re done.” Then she frowned. “Say…aren’t you that girl that lives in the house not far from here? Oh, what’s her name…Joanna’s daughter?”

    “Y-yes,” Cassandra replied, speaking for the first time. “I’m Cassandra.”

    The woman laughed. “Well, it’s about time I’m seeing you in here! I’ve seen you out in your backyard since you were tiny, practicing your Coordinator moves. I’m glad you’ve taken your first step!”

    Cassandra blushed furiously. “Thank you…” She returned Swablu to her Poké Ball and turned to leave.

    “Oh—Cassandra!” the woman at the desk called.

    Cassandra turned, pushing her hair away from her face. “Y-yes?”

    “Your hair is really long. If you keep it that way, it could be your trademark.”

    And with a huge, satisfied grin, Cassandra left the Contest building, her thick, waist-length hair swaying with the bounce in her step.

    Dear Alyssa,
    Isn’t it almost time for you to graduate from Ranger School? Belle and I should make arrangements to come see it! Tell us when it is!

    What’s your Partner Pokémon going to be? I know that you don’t really catch and train Pokémon like Belle and I do.

    My first Pokémon is Mudkip. I named him Finny. I caught a Swablu! I didn’t name it anything, because soon it will evolve into Altaria, and that’s a pretty enough name. I registered for my first Contest! The lady at the desk told me that my hair could be my trademark. I’m so excited! Finally, my dreams are starting to come true!

    Hopefully I’ll get to see you at your graduation!
    Love always,
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