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    Chapter Five
    Cassandra came downstairs to the kitchen quickly. She paused by the window and looked out; it was barely light outside. Good. She grabbed an apple for herself and some Pokémon food for Finny and Swablu, scribbled down a note for her mother, and went out the front door.

    Route 117 was usually full of people training for some elusive triathlon that never seemed to happen, but now it was just Cassandra and her Pokémon. She let Finny and Swablu out of their Poké Balls and settled down in the grass to eat her apple. Swablu had taken to perching atop Cassandra’s head, making her look as if she was wearing a large, fluffy hat. Finny simply cuddled against her leg as he ate.

    “We’re going to start training every day around this time,” Cassandra announced to them. “Now, even though I’ve chosen to compete with Swablu, you’ll be training just as hard, Finny. I’m going to act as if I’m competing with both of you.” She looked down at Finny, almost tipping Swablu off her head. “That way, you two will be at the same level.”

    Swablu chirruped softly. She had finished her food. Cassandra polished off her apple and checked to make sure that Finny was done before standing up. “Okay, you two. First things first. We’re going to review the way you come out of your Poké Balls. Okay?”

    She only spent fifteen minutes on this, seeing as they had already worked very hard on it, before she moved on to actual moves.

    “Swablu, Astonish! No, do it gracefully. Gracefully! While your moves need to be strong, they also need to be beautiful!” She ran her fingers through her hair briefly. “Try it again!”

    And they did. Swablu did Astonish so many times, it finally chirruped feebly and fluttered to land on a nearby fence. Cassandra sighed. “I’ll work with Finny now, okay? When we get back to you, we’ll use Wing Attack. How does that sound?” She fed Swablu a Poké Block and planted a kiss on its head.

    “Go, Finny!” She tossed the Poké Ball into the air. Finny leapt out and did a perfect front-flip before landing gracefully on all fours. “Excellent! Now, use Water Gun!”

    It was lunchtime before Cassandra called it quits. She carried Finny home in her arms and let Swablu rest on her head. “You two did very good work today,” she told them. “I’m so proud of you. If we go on at this rate, we’ll blow everyone away at the contest!”

    Finny made a happy noise and snuggled into her chest. She giggled and tickled him under his chin. “I love you guys,” she said.

    The cook was making lunch in the kitchen when Cassandra came inside. “Hello, Dorothia,” she greeted her.

    “Welcome back, Miss Cassandra,” the cook replied. “What were you doing all this time?”

    “Training, of course. My first contest is in three weeks!”

    “So soon? Didn’t you just sign up yesterday?”

    “Dorothia, it is not your place to question my daughter’s motives,” said a voice from the stairwell. Cassandra’s mother, Joanna, descended from the stairs. She wore a lavender dress and a large hat made of white straw with a matching ribbon. “I’m taking Staraptor up to Lilycove to do some shopping. Care to join me, Cassandra?”

    “No thank you, Mother,” Cassandra replied through gritted teeth.

    “I will be back around suppertime. I promised Nancy I would meet her for lunch, otherwise I’d stay until Dorothia was done cooking. She does make some fairly decent dishes.”

    Cassandra tried hard not to say anything. She hated it when her mother talked as though Dorothia wasn’t in the room. Her mother hardly treated Dorothia like a person.

    Finny noticed that Cassandra’s body had gone rigid and tense, so he sat up in her arms to find the source. Swablu noticed the change as well.

    “I need to train some more,” Cassandra told her mother. “Surely you can understand that?”

    Either Joanna ignored the sarcasm dripping in her daughter’s voice or she didn’t hear it at all. She nodded and took her large sunglasses out of her purse. “I’ll just be going, then. Do well, dear.” She turned to leave, but stopped in the doorway and looked over her shoulder. “Cassie dear, why are you wearing those clothes?”

    Cassandra looked down. She was wearing a knee-length, pleated pink skirt with white designs tracing up from the hem, and a white peasant blouse to match.

    “They’re so…common.” And with that, Joanna swept out the door.

    Cassandra moved to the table and allowed Finny to jump out of her arms onto it. She sat down heavily in a chair. Swablu fluttered off her head and perched on the back of the chair next to her.

    “I hate it when she calls me Cassie,” Cassandra said. “I’m really sorry about her,” she added to Dorothia, turning in her chair to address her.

    “It’s no problem, really, Miss Cassandra.” Dorothia poked something in a frying pan with a spatula. “I’ve been working here for a very long time. I’m used to her. What she says doesn’t affect me anymore.”

    “Is Dad coming home for lunch?”

    “He has a business lunch to attend, so no,” Dorothia replied.

    Cassandra’s father was an executive for the Devon Corporation. He was often away on business, but he adored Cassandra. He sent her souvenirs from wherever he happened to be. Once he went on a business trip to Johto and popped in on Belle. He had taken a picture and sent it to Cassandra enclosed with a letter saying he would be bringing Belle home with him. It made him visibly sad when the company sent him away, but he needed to put food on the table.

    “So, it’ll be just me and you, then!” Cassandra smiled.

    “And Finny and Swablu,” Dorothia reminded her.

    Cassandra patted their heads. “Yeah. As long as Mom’s not here, they can eat at the table.”

    And so Cassandra, Dorothia, Finny, and Swablu all had lunch at Cassandra’s large dining room table.

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    My contest is in three weeks, thank you for asking. Yes, break a leg is what us “artsy” people say instead of good luck. And I’m a bit upset with you. If you’re in Kanto already, that must mean that you have your first Pokémon and YOU DIDN’T TELL US WHAT IT WAS!!!!!
    …ahem. Please inform your friends of what Pokémon you have. I started out with Mudkip. His name is Finny. I caught a Swablu, and I didn’t nickname her. YOUR TURN!!!
    Lovingly angry,
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