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Here is a update.

I can't believe I forgot to say what software I am using to make it.I am using RPG Maker XP.

Some more imporntant information. Here are some updates on the gang, involving two members who will cause you some trouble.

Grimer- [Rank = Low] He is not very bright. He does as told and mainly listens Shellder. Even though he is not very smart, he does have some trength and causes you some problems in the beggining of the game.

Shellder- [Rank = Low] Shellder is very smart. It joined the gang only for protection while Grime and it perfomed crimes. Shellder may not be srtong but is very clever and sneaky.

Here is a characte update.

Venomoth and Venonat- Venemoth runs a store all around the region with it's child Venonat. They sell berries and other healing items that are completely natural. They travel around selling their goods everywhere. They immediatly trust you and at first are the only ones that help you. Venonat used to be one of your friends until their buisness had forced them to travel.
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