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    Document about how to add map CG in FR.

    Frist,sorry for my bad English,because I'm a totally Chinese.
    And when I say map CGs,in fact,I'm talking about this:
    Here's what I find out ,and may help you add your own map CG.

    Map CGs only can be used for the maps of bank 1.That is ,(1.1) can have its CG,(1.123) can have its CG,but (2.1)can't.

    There's a pointers table of these CG lying on the ROM from 0x43E9E8 to 0x43EBA7.For example,0x80A4017E is offset of the first CG and its pointer is at 0x43E9E8.

    There's 122 pointers there totally.So that allows map from 1.0 to 1.122 have its own CG(I don't know why there're 122 pointers,not 123...).

    So,if you want create your own CGs, you should do this:
    1.Draw your CG and put it in a free space.
    2.Add the map at bank 1,such as (1.123).
    3.Go to 0xF8230,and write a new pointer there which is a free space that can put all the pointer table.
    4.Move the pointer table to the free space,also add yours after the original ones.
    5.Change "Don't show name" to "0x7 ???" at the header of your map in the A-map.

    That's it...

    Things I don't know and need your help:
    1.Why only bank 1 can have its CG?--I mean how the ASM codes run...
    I'm not sure about the map data structure,so I didn't research this.

    2.What about the palette of your CG?
    I can find the original CG's palettes,but I don't know how to create your CG's...

    Well,that's it...

    Thanks for all guys reading this...

    And hopes JPAN can add expand of this into his great Hacked Engine...

    Tech things:
    0x080F8212 -- CG pointer loaded into r0
    0x080F820C -- r0 loads the offset of the first CG
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