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Almost out of the woods coming before the city Jodi spots something clung to one of the trees.

" Sheesshhh!!" she says hushly to Sean as she crouches in her approach. This was her chance to catch her first pokemon.

As she nears the creature on the tree came to be a heracross. It was sucking the sweet sap from the exposed bark of the tree. It hadnt noticed the two approach as they happened to be down wind.

"How do you plan to catch that?" Sean asks in a whisper so as not to startle the pokemon.

" Just watch." jodi replies in the same manner.

Taking a twig from the ground she jams it into a nearby tree. After working it a few seconds, sap begins to ooze easily from the cuts. Taking a piece of flat bark like a plate she allows the sap to cover it in abundance.

Meanwhile the heracross has been fluttering its wings as it happily gourges itself on the sweet nector. Still slowly keeping watch and being quiet Jodi makes her way towards the pokemon.

She had fastend one of her shoe laces onto the bark and so leaves it out in the open while backing away again into the brush. Taking some small pebbles she throws these at the heracross to get its attention. Finally after ten rocks the bug pokemon catches sight of the tray of sap. It jumps quickly at it but Jodi pulls on her shoelace and the plate moves away from the heracross.

Jodi continues this untill the heracross is almost right by her. Quickly she takes some sap from the tree she cut and puts alitlle upon her hands, arms and cheeks. Than with one last tug on the lace the bark comes into her hand. The heracross pauses a second, than deciding that it really liked the sap jumps onto Jodi licking the bark clean. having the bark drained of sap the heracross than begins to suck upon the sap taht was over jodi!!.

Woth a free hand she grabs her only poke ball, saved for a time such as this. When the heracross seemed quite at ease being on her Jodi tosses the ball and it lands on heracross. And as simple as that the pokemon was caught.

" You know, I think I will call it Nector. *Giggles* What do you think?" she tells Sean.

" I think all girls are crazy." and with that they both laugh as they continue their way to Viridian City. Though Jodi made sure to collect some of that sap for her new friend, for later on.
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