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Neon is an amazing game, I've been with it since old neon which was scrapped in favor of this. This game has ZERO lag. Although when you see other players they kinda teleport by depending on your connection. Please note that battling and trading arent available just yet, aswell as that this is a beta, and there are lots of bugs. Jcsnider is pretty busy and may not have time for the forums, so if you have any questions, PM me.

Neon is also using RSE/FRLG Movesets.

Additional Features include:
Options: change your text speed or frames to suit your taste
Radio: Select from dozens and dozens of pokemon songs using the pokegear radio option.
Guilds: Players may come together and form guilds if they like.

Which means..
Pm me ingame and ill come to you to invite you to team Neonophytes, the largest guild in Neon currently. No restrictions