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Chapter Eleven
Cassandra lifted her head and wiped a spot of drool from the corner of her mouth. Swablu sat perched on her hair like a giant fuzzy hat, and Finny snored slightly from his place in her lap. At Cassandra’s movement, Swablu sleepily fluttered from her perch and alighted on the arm of the plastic chair.

Cassandra straightened, feeling at least seven places in her back pop as she did so. She had been leaning over to rest her head on her arms on the table beside the chair. It was morning now; she had spent all yesterday in the Pokémon Center, waiting for Poochyena to be okay. Nurse Joy had come out to inform her that the Pokémon was stable, but she wanted to keep it overnight. She had suggested Cassandra go home, but she refused.

Now the sliding glass door of the Center opened and Joanna walked through, Cassandra’s father beside her. Gerald was extremely tall, with dark hair and a well-groomed goatee. Apart from being tall, he was large, sporting broad shoulders and chest. He was also very muscular, but you couldn’t see them beneath his smart-looking business suit. He smiled broadly as he made her way over to her, leaving Joanna standing on the welcome mat.

“Sandy-bear,” he said in his deep voice. He knelt by her chair. Even from this position, he was so tall he had to look down at her.

“Hi, Daddy.”

He looked over his shoulder at Joanna. “You can wait outside for me, dear, if you like.”

Joanna nodded curtly and then swished out of the door without so much as a backward glance, let alone a wave to her daughter. Cassandra threw her arms around her father’s neck and began sobbing immediately. He returned the hug and patted her back, trying to console her. “Sh, dear, sh,” he said once, but other than that he remained silent and let her cry out her worries. She spoke between sobs, telling her father the whole story, and how she felt it would be all her fault if the Poochyena died.

Gerald was quiet. He allowed her to cry and sob until she was finished with one final, shuddering breath and a huge gulp. She finally sat back, wiping her eyes. Finny nuzzled her affectionately, and Swablu chirped in a worried tone.



“I’m very proud of you,” he told her, patting her knee. It was strange, now that she thought about it, to see such a big, powerful-looking man kneeling and patting a girl’s knee with a hand that he could easily use to snap her leg in half. “You did the right thing, and you were very brave. I love you, Sandy-bear.”

Cassandra sniffed. “I love you too, Daddy.” She hugged him. “What’s Mother doing here?”

“Oh, she wanted me to take her to Rustboro…apparently she has some shopping to do.” Gerald’s face split into the large grin that he usually wore. “What does she even buy?”

Cassandra giggled a bit. “I don’t know…friends?”

Gerald laughed his big, booming laugh as he stood up. “She certainly has enough money to! Now, you stay right here. I’m going to go talk to Nurse Joy about your Poochyena.”

The large, almost-seven-foot man walked briskly toward the counter. Unlike most people, he had the privilege of going into the back whenever he wanted, and he did so now. Cassandra waited until he came out, smiling broadly and clapping his hands together. “Nurse Joy says Poochyena is well on his way to recovery!” he told her. “She also says that, if it weren’t for you, that poor Pokémon would be dead by now. You can go see him! Come on!” He beckoned her over.

Cassandra returned Swablu and Finny to their Poké Balls and walked over to her father, who placed a hand on her back and walked with her. Nurse Joy stood beside Poochyena’s bed. It had been moved from the special intensive care unit, and he now just appeared to be slumbering peacefully, except for a special tube attached to his stomach and the bandages here and there. Joy smiled and reached out to give Cassandra a huge hug, which was incredibly unexpected.

“You saved this Poochyena’s life!” Joy said happily. “I set the Volbeat and Illumise free this morning after I scolded them a bit. They looked sorry. But you! You saved this Pokémon’s life!” And then Joy hugged her again, this time so tight that Cassandra’s eyes bugged out slightly and she couldn’t breathe.

When Joy released her, Cassandra stepped up to Poochyena’s bed and gazed down at it. She reached out and stroked its soft fur. It shifted a bit in its sleep, and she turned and smiled, tears in her eyes. “Thank you, Nurse Joy.”

Gerald clapped Joy on the back, and the woman stumbled and had to clutch a nearby bed for balance. “Well, Cassandra, I need to get going. Your mother is no doubt getting impatient to get to the shops of Rustboro, and I need to get to work! Mr. Devon is expecting me.” He opened his arms. “How about a hug, Sandy-bear?”

Cassandra gave her father a hug and watched him leave. Suddenly, Nurse Joy gave a little gasp and clutched Cassandra’s shoulder. “Look! Poochyena’s waking up!” She shoved Cassandra toward the bed.

Indeed, Poochyena was waking up. His eyes were half-open, and he was just finishing up a yawn. Cassandra leaned over the bed. “Hello,” she said. “Um…I don’t know if you remember me, but…um…”

“She saved your life, Poochyena.” Nurse Joy stepped up beside her, grinning broadly.

“I caught you with a Poké Ball, but I’ll release you if you want to go back to the wild,” she told it.

Poochyena shoved its head forward, touching its nose to Cassandra’s hand, which she had placed on the edge of the bed. He licked her fingers.

“I think he’s saying he wants to stay with you,” Joy said breathlessly. Cassandra glanced at her. Was she always this excitable?

“Is that what you want, Poochyena?”

It wagged its tail and closed its eyes again.

“Well, it needs plenty of rest, but by lunchtime he should be all ready to go! You can take him home then. Chansey, can you mind the lobby? I need to go clean up the ICU!” And then Joy was gone.

Cassandra began stroking Poochyena’s fur again. “You reminded me of myself,” she told it. “You fought yourself to destruction. That’s pretty much what I do. Can I give you a nickname? I want to give you something that sounds incredibly cutesy, so people will be surprised when it’s you that comes out of the Ball.”

Poochyena wagged its tail again. Cassandra scratched it behind the ears. “Hmm…how about Fluffy?”

[email protected]
From: [email protected]
Subject: Ride?
My mom won’t let me use Staraptor. Is there enough room on Skarmory for both of us? If there is, could you pick me up? I’d really appreciate it! And then, you could drop me off and see my first Contest! =) That’d be fun!
And congrats on your Gym Battle!! I KNEW you’d do great. And it’s really cool that Flint thinks you’re cut out to be a Trainer!! Just be careful with your intensity, and make sure you’re not overreacting about everything. You know how you get. Oh, and don’t feel bad about the whole nickname thing…I just nicknamed a Poochyena FLUFFY. Ha!!
Well, g2g. Love ya lots!
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