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    I'm a spriter who mainly uses MS Paint. I desperately seek to get better so all CC is appreciated. Please do not steal my sprites or the concepts of them. (How generic am I? :/)

    Sprites in each section are newest to oldest.

    These are Pokemon designed by me. The ones with blue text are public, meaning you can use those ones for your fangames, hacks, etc. but be sure to give credit to me, Kirbychu! You have my permission to make shiny forms.

    -4th Gen Style-

    Arrow Dragon Pokemon, My first 100% 4th Gen scratch

    My attempt at a legendary.

    Icy squirrel!

    A ghost... Thing...

    A cool kitty that's my first DP-styled sprite. Merely an edit though...

    -3rd Gen Style-


    Beehemoth, a Beedrill evo, cause I can. =P

    A penguin. Probably the smallest and quickest sprite I've done.

    A swordfish. It ended up looking like a bird. =P

    It was suppose to be a griffin, but turned out to be a bird-like Hitmonchan. I love it though. :3

    Funny, when I made this I though that the concept of Solrock and Lunatone sharing an evo was original.

    Grass Peacock Line

    Platypie Platypuses?

    A hiphop gangster muffin. Sometimes with originality comes stupidity.

    (I really don't know...)

    Fire Bug

    A Sabeleye evo. Easily one of my worst ever.

    Shuckle evo, my first sprite. T_T


    Female Hero

    Overworld sprites included

    A male hero..

    ...And his overworld...

    A rival that I personally think is pretty sloppy. 3:

    "Oh look, a male protagonist! O.o"

    Your average female protagonist in both RSE and DPP style.

    Other People's Ideas!
    The sprites in this next spoiler weren't completely done by me. I just sprited art of them.

    Atominor and Neutrode Original Image Original Image Concept by Mssingno

    Male Protagonist Original Image Concept by Genghoul

    Incinect Original Image Concept by Hongadong

    Lickit Original Image Concept by Hongadong

    A Flying Gym Leader Concept by brawler200 and afro-brent

    Bahloy Original Image Concept by Mssingno

    Locuss Original Image Concept by Mssingno

    Shooting Star Concept creator unknown

    Tornado Concept creator unknown

    I look forward to reading all your criticism! ^_^