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    Chapter Twelve
    It was finally over. All of it was over, done with, gone, left behind. All that was left to do now was to run through a few graduation practices and ready her speech.

    Alyssa had completed the last exam.

    She held her squeal of delight until she was upstairs in her dorm room out of courtesy, because it exploded from her throat at a frequency she was surprised human ears could hear. She leapt around as she did it. Finally, she collapsed on Casey’s bunk to recuperate, too tired to climb to her own. The air around her felt different now that she was, for all intensive purposes, done with Ranger School. After today, she would no longer be required to wear her uniform. She plucked absently at her jacket sleeve as she considered this. The world was full of possibilities. She couldn’t wait until she was a Ranger.

    The door of the room opened and Alyssa turned her head to see who it was. Casey walked in, smiling slyly as she shut the door behind her. “So, you were the first to finish your test, as usual,” she said by way of greeting.

    “Oh, yeah, whatever. Casey, that was our last exam!” Alyssa slid off her friend’s bunk and stood. “Can you believe it?”

    “Yeah, we’ll talk about that later.” Casey waved this off as if it were trivial information. “Do you care to tell me whose jacket you have stashed underneath your blankets?”

    Alyssa couldn’t help but blush. Her stomach felt cold for a moment.

    “I saw you shoving it under there this morning. It was red. Could it have been…a Ranger jacket?” Casey went to grab at the ladder leading up to Alyssa’s bunk, but Alyssa jumped in front of her.

    “Maybe. Just leave it alone!”

    “Ooh, I knew it!” Casey squealed. “Where were you last night? Who did you meet up with? And why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

    Alyssa sighed. “Casey,” she said. “Look, I’ll tell you the whole story later, okay? I have to return the jacket.”

    “No, tell me now!” Casey blocked Alyssa’s ascent to her bunk. “Come on, tell me! At least his name!”

    Trapped, Alyssa looked around. “Ian.”

    Casey squealed loudly and clapped her hands. “Ian, Ian, Ian and Alyssa! Oh my God! Ian what? What’s his last name?”

    “Walton. Ian Walton.”

    Alyssa could practically see the gears turning in her friend’s head. “Walton…is he related to Greg?”

    “He’s his older brother.”

    “Oh. My. God. Does he look like Greg, all shrimpy and geeky and nerdy? Like, does he wear glasses and have big ears like Greg?”

    “I’ve met him before,” Alyssa mumbled. “And he used to wear glasses and look shrimpy.” She looked away and blushed fiercely. “But…puberty’s been very kind to him.”

    How many times was this girl going to squeal? Alyssa felt as though her eardrum might rupture. “So he’s a total hottie now?”

    Yes.” Quickly, while Casey was preoccupied, Alyssa scaled the bed frame to get to her bunk. She peeled back the blankets and pulled out Ian’s jacket, which seemed to exude memories of last night. Casey fell silent as she looked up and saw it in all its glory.

    “So are you going to take it back today?” she asked in a hushed voice.

    “Yeah,” Alyssa replied, just as quietly. “I was gonna do it now.”

    “Looking like that? Oh, no, girl. Come on…let’s start looking through your wardrobe.”

    Dear Cassandra,
    I know letters are slower than e-mails, but I like writing, okay? Today was a very interesting day. I returned Ian’s jacket to him (that’s a long story, I’ll explain later), but Casey, my friend, insisted that she give me a “makeover”. I ended up going to see him with my hair down around my shoulders and wearing a strapless dress that she made me borrow. She even put makeup on me! Ian was speechless, so it was worth it. We spent the day together. I think we’re really friends now! I just wish that I could be WITH HIM. He is so nice! He doesn’t even realize that I’m lovesick. How sweet.

    Well, I need to get some rest…I have a long weekend of NOTHING ahead of me!! Yay!!

    Love your free friend,

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