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    Chapter Thirteen
    Belle angrily tugged on the strap of her bag. Charmy reached out and touched her leg with its little claw, and she gave him a reassuring smile. As she did so, however, she saw Derrick out of the corner of her eye and snapped her head back around.

    “Oh, come on,” Derrick said, shifting in his seat. “You can’t just avoid me forever.”

    He had insisted he go with her to Cerulean City, because he “didn’t want her to go through Mount Moon alone”. He had told her it was dangerous. All she had seen was some Clefairy and a few Zubat. There weren’t even any Team Rocket agents. As a result, they had bickered the whole way through. Now they sat in the Cerulean City Pokémon Center, resting before Derrick stalked Belle to Saffron City. She had won her Cascade Badge from Misty, the redheaded Gym Leader, and now it was about time she started on her journey to Almia.

    “I’m not avoiding you,” Belle said. “I’m just trying to get you to stop following me around!” They fell silent for a while. Derrick shifted in his seat so that he was leaning forward, his elbows on his knees. He sighed heavily.

    “Look. Can I tell you the reason I keep doing this?”

    Belle grunted in reply. Derrick must have taken this as a yes, because he sighed again before he spoke. “I feel really, really bad that I made you fall outside Viridian Forest. You got a huge gash, and you got stitches, all because of how I got spooked in the forest and ran out. And one day, I want to find a way to make it up to you. And also…” He ran his fingers through his blonde hair, tousling it up unwittingly. Belle glanced sideways at him, finding this a bit cute. “I’m all alone, Belle. I…I’m scared. You know the reason I came jumping out of the bushes, right? A noise spooked me. I’m such a coward, and you’re so brave. You also seem like a really cool person, so I just thought that…I don’t know.”

    Belle had shifted and was looking at him full-on now. “I’m sorry,” she told him. He looked up in surprise, one bit of hair sticking up in the back. “I didn’t realize. I’ll let you travel with me. You seem like a really good friend.” She held out her hand for him to shake. He took it, amazed. “But look…you can’t go with me to Almia.” She had already explained to him why she was going to Saffron instead of taking the underground tunnel to Vermilion.

    Derrick nodded fervently. “I totally understand. That’s your thing, you haven’t seen your friends in forever, yeah. I get it. Just, um…I’m gonna stay around in Saffron ’til you get back.”

    Belle smiled and nodded. “Yeah. Okay.”
    The road to Saffron City barely took any time to traverse. Belle easily bought a Rail Pass and used the video phone to contact her mother. She helped Derrick get set up at the Pokémon Center. Since he was to be staying for an extended period of time, Nurse Joy set him up in a back room with a comfortable bed. Belle left him there to board the train, and she eventually fell asleep, Charmy curled up beside her peacefully.

    When she awoke, dusk was gathering on the horizon and the landscape had shifted. She stroked Charmy’s head absently as she watched the land fly by. It was easy to see that they were in Johto now, her home region, and she felt a strange ache in her stomach for her old room in Cherrygrove. The ache grew larger when she realized that she wouldn’t be seeing it this time around.

    Soon the train was flying past buildings, and finally it eased to a stop at the Goldenrod City Station. Belle tapped Charmy until he woke up; she scooped him into her arms and shouldered her way into the aisle, irritated at the jostling people around her. One rude person shoved her and she “accidentally” lit the shoulder of his coat on fire with Charmy’s tail, making the man squawk and bat at it with his briefcase. “I’m sorry!” she told him insincerely. “I’d help, but I don’t have any Water Pokémon. It happened because you shoved me!” she called over her shoulder as the crowd carried her away and off the train.

    In the station, the people finally spread out and Belle had more room. She looked around, trying to spot her mother. Charmy shifted and Belle was forced to carry him like a baby, with his head over her shoulder. She patted his back absently as she wandered around the station, feeling lost as people purposefully strode past her.


    Belle’s heart filled with joy as she turned and saw her little brother, standing by her mother’s side and waving toward her. She rushed over to them.

    Belle’s mother looked positively elated to see her. She was smiling so broadly Belle expected her face to split in half. “And who is this?” she asked, indicating Charmy.

    “This is Charmy. He’s my Charmander.” Belle set Charmy on the ground near Derek.

    “It’s so good to see you.” Belle’s mother threw her arms around her, pulling her close. “I missed you.”

    “I missed you, too.” And she had. She hugged her mother tightly. When she let go, she turned to Derek. “I missed you, little guy!” She swooped down and picked him up, hugging him against her. Derek put his arms around her neck and nuzzled his face into her shoulder.

    “I missed you, Belle.” His words were muffled. Belle shut her eyes so as not to let her tears out.

    “Well, let’s head to the Pokémon Center,” Belle’s mother suggested. “In the morning, you’ll fly out with Skarmory. Tonight, we’ll all catch up.”

    Belle carried Derek and held Charmy’s claw on the way to the Center, grinning broadly the whole way.

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