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    Taboo Keys

    [working on my 15 posts to put banner up >> It's in the attachments]
    I need a team that mainly specialises in Touhoumon Hacks. Original Characters are welcome.

    Mascots: Flandre and Luna
    Purpose: To make Touhoumon hacks in english that actually have different maps, not just sprite replacements. I'm thinking of a version made purely of original characters but we need enough members with enough creative minds to make 350 or more characters xD This is where the Touhous come in. They'll fill in needed space and such. However, I'm not quite there yet ;;

    Current Projects: Touhou Luna's Version (15%, needs an official name)

    Please join! Everyone is welcome!
    Ideas are ALWAYS welcome
    Follow PC Rules
    Have fun!

    Application form
    What you want to do:
    Past experience: (beginners welcome too!)
    Contact information:
    Current team members

    Leader: Mikirin
    Artists: Mikirin,
    Storyboards: Mikirin
    Map Designers: Mikirin,
    Original Characters: Mikirin,
    BETA Testers:
    Attached Images
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