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Hi its me Pokemon Clear Crystal, I know its kind of weird im called Pokemon Clear Crystal and my game is too. No this is not a crystal remake okay. I may need to change the name. The main events do not involve Suicune. Instead I thought Articuno would be better.

You start off as a young boy destined to be a Pokemon Master. However things dont go your way. Your too excited to fall asleep. Soon you do... You wake up and look at the clock. You were late. So you got ready as fast as you could and set off to Professor Newton. The new Professor who just became the regions most popular professor. He see's that your late. You weren't the only one though. Your rival Kate was too busy trying to get her hair nice and straight. So you were actually the first one there. Just after you chose your Pokemon you meet Kate. You greet her and show her your Pokemon. Kate is furious you took the Pokemon she was going to choose. You head back home to tell your mum that you've been given a special job to do. When you leave you forget to get your waistcoat and bag or other items depends on Gender. It's pretty cold out there in the region of Veran.

Three Mystic Warriors
Battle Tower
New Elite Fours
New Tiles and Sprites
A New region Veran.
New evil team.
Catch Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos.
New Events

The Bad Dreams
Lately you've been having bad dreams. Your really terrified. Suddenly you get stuck in your dream world You soon find out you have to battle Darkrai to get out. So you must have good belief in your Pokemon.

Videos ////Working on////

Demos ////Working on////

Tiling 50%
Spriting 100%
Events 0%
Scripting 0%

Team = Me and Nimmy23

Scripter - 3 Places Open (Highly Needed)
Coder - 3 Places Open (Highly Needed)
Eventer - 3 Places Open (Highly Needed)
Mapper - Me, Nimmy23 - 1 Place Open
Spriter - Nimmy23 - 0 Places Open

RMXP Creator
Poccil and Flameguru
Kyledove for tiles.