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    Name: Donkah Najeek

    Arena Name: Naj

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    History: Naj is a only child, a troubled boy that means good, he's gone his whole life with out knowing his father. According to him, pokemon is his only reason of life. Naj is special though, he was born at Flessifre Forest(fakeee). Where theres said to be a legendary( one of my fakemon, not saying he'll be in the rpg unless you say he can be [. The God of Life. when he was born, there was a sudden fog, his mother... (being happy,confused, and frighted for her newborn) Wrapped him in a blanket and held him tight. It didn't matter though, Naj was taken right from her arms, when the fog cleared. he was about 5 foot away from her on the ground. she rushed to him, to find a odd symbol on his ankle... Who took him? Who gave him this symbol? That trouble's Naj the most in his life.

    Bad decisions clutter Naj's mind constantly... he's stole, vandalized, you name it. Naj has only 4 things he cares about in life.. His mother, his symbol, and his two best friends... His pokemon. Naj got his first pokemon through his mother, she gave it to him on his eleventh birthday as a present. It was a egg, at first Naj wasn't so sure. He almost cracked it open to try to eat it! But he patiently waited for what his mother said was going to be a amazing thing in his life. Then one day, *CRACK*. It opened! in the cracked egg lay a little tiny pichu. Naj was amazed! He was the happiest person on earth. It wasn't just a pichu though, it was a special pichu... It had a kink in it's ear. Immediately a name for him popped into his head... Whichu! About 5 months later.. Whichu, was officially Naj's bestfriend.

    Then we come to how Naj got his second pokemon! One day, him and whichu were at the lake, just having a good time.. when a vaporeon was spotted in the water! This was the first one Naj had ever seen in person! he squatted down and made tick noises trying to get him to come to shore. Then, it did! it was making sounds and Whichu and Whichu was responding. not in a aggressive way though.. in a.. friendly way! Naj then knew it was time to go, so he said by to his new friend and started walking home.. but before he had left the lake, he turned back.. to see vaporeon following him! So, he then decided to keep him.

    The Gengar&&Lucario Story:
    And now, i'll tell you how naj got gengar and Lucario! It was a rainy after noon, Naj and Whichu went for a walk on the path.. Naj tripped on a egg and accidentally kicked it into a bush. Whichu jumped down to get it. he pulled it out and Naj picked it up. He put it in his bag. Later that night.. the egg hatched into a Rilou! He named him Lue! 3 months later.. Lue evolved into Lucario!
    Gengars Story:
    Naj woke up.. he had a big smile on his face, it was his 14th birthday! .. He got on his clothes and was about to go out for some fresh air when he got a call.. The call was From Prof. Maple! She said they had just captured a gengar and brought him back to the lab for some tests.. She asked if he would like him as a brithday present. Naj's immediate response was a "YES!". So he went to the lab, and picked up his new pokemon.

    About a month later, Naj went back to the lake for lunch.. when he was gagged( rag placed in the mouth ) and blindfolded.. he awoke.. to find himself in the back of a van. With Several other trainers. he asked one of the people what was going on, one of them replied.. "We've been captured.. Were on our way to Gladiator Prison."
    His mind racing, only 5 things are going through his mind.. his mother,Whichu,gengar, Lucario and Vaporeon..

    Personality: Naj is true at heart,smart, and a bit Cocky.. and most of all, ruthless. He trust's no one except mother and his pokemon. He's extremely sarcastic and is always sassing people. Becuase of his relationship with his father.. He has grown on 'no one can make promises except pokemon'. He doesn't exactly.. 'get along' with other people. and if he does get along with you, he most likely doesn't trust you. Naj is extremely tolerant and doesn't care for what people say.

    Appearance: Naj is only 5'7.. his mother say's he gets it from his father. not very dark skin, but not pale. a nice tan in a sense. His hair has two style's.. Up and out(Similar to the guy in my sig's).. or flat and flipped(emo style). It's dark brown, some confuse it with black. His eyes are Brown also. He wears a trench coat and black skinny jeans. On occasion he has on his hat. He has a 'trainer' belt similar to Ash's in the pokemon animes. The belt contains 2 empty pokeballs and 2 in use ones. it also has 1 potion for emergency's.


    Light Ball
    Always puts a smile on Naj's face. He's happy and extremely strong. Sometimes if Whichu get's frustrated he'll outburst and shock something nearby( a tree, a pole, etc )

    Hydro PUMP
    Brave and outgoing, doesn't give up in till he can't walk. He (like Whichu) always makes Naj Happy.. Vaporeon loves to swim, if he has a chance to be in the water.. He takes it.

    Close Combat
    Sword Dance
    Life ORB
    Stunning in appearance, sly, and always up for a good fight. Lucario can't stand pokeballs, so usually travels side by side with Naj ( Lucario walks with Whichu on his shoulder, similar to Ash and Pikachu). Lucario's best friend is Vaporeon, as they've grown a strong relationship.

    Focus Punch
    Ice Punch
    Giga Drain
    a funny pokemon, causes mischief often. Always pulls pranks on humans.

    That's all for now.

    Hobbies: Naj enjoys drawing,going on the computer, training, and of course.. Spending time with his pokemon.
    Forum Activity: Welll, I'm on.. 4 days a week.. for about 2 hours or more. The other days of the week im at my dads, i'll pm you if theres any events coming up( vaction, etc )
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