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    Name: Sahib Bihar
    Arena Name: Scarecrow
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Sahib was born in the small town of New Bark Town. He has one little sister, and was raised by both parents. Sahib grew up in a life surrounded by Pokemon, mostly because his father spent his time researching new species. Their house was fairly large, and had a large ranch out back just for the purpose of keeping Pokemon. Sahib grew up mostly as the protector of his little sister, Selene, as well as a good boy who didn’t get into bad things like stealing or drugs. Some would say he was sheltered. Truthfully Sahib would have probably agreed, at least until what happened to him when he was fourteen.

    He made a rather close friend in that small town. They explored all over the place and even went to school together. They were like brothers; inseparable. Upon them getting older and Sahib talking more and more about leaving to go on a Pokemon adventure, his friend seemed to grow more angsty and bitter. They had a falling out, and then the next day news spread through the town that his friend had committed suicide. Sahib blamed himself for several months, and fell into a rather depressed state that caused his parents and sister to worry. He considered self harm several times, but then called himself stupid and pathetic and ruled it out. Sahib pulled through, and finally told his parents that he wanted to go to Kanto.

    He received a Cyndaquil from the local Pokemon Professor, and then got a Ralts from his father as a parting gift. With those two Pokemon, Sahib set off on a boat to Kanto and soon was traveling past Pallet Town. He caught several new Pokemon on the way, beat lots of gym leaders, and experienced several battles. Sahib felt alive again, and soon he forgot what his former life had been. He was enjoying himself, and was on his way to be the best. He went to the Viridian Gym, expecting to obtain another badge and prove himself, but apparently someone else had other plans. The next thing he knew, Sahib was out cold.

    Sahib is a pretty serious person when it comes to certain things, but other times he can be perfectly friendly and nice. He might come off first as a loner, but generally that’s just a facade he puts on for show. Sahib’s very loyal to his friends, though now he doesn’t have many. He has been betrayed several times when he was younger, so he does have trust issues and tends to not get close to people now. To him, Pokemon fill the hole that’s been left by the people who have left him. Sahib is also fairly good at putting on masks and fake emotions, and can bottle things up pretty easily. This can either be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. Sahib can also be very blunt, and will let you know how he really feels about you if you choose to piss him off (which, by the way, rarely happens).

    Sahib is tall, lanky, and has a form of wiry muscle on his frame. He stands at roughly 6’4”, and gets the height from his father’s side of the family. Sahib has tan skin because of his Indian heritage on his father’s side. His eyes are a perfect shade of chocolate brown. He has longish black hair that falls about an inch or two above his shoulders. He likes it long, so he refuses to get it cut. Sometimes he’ll put it up in a small ponytail, but that’s a very rare occurrence. Sahib also has a mustache that isn’t too thick, nor too thin.

    For clothing Sahib is generally seen in jeans and a simple T-shirt or hoodie. He often sticks to dark colored clothes (black, navy blue, etc.) but will sometimes wear white. He isn’t a fan of pastels, so you’d never catch him in those. The jeans often have tears at the bottom because they’re too long and he ends up walking on them, but Sahib likes the tears. For shoes he wears a pair of black low top Converse. He doesn’t have any other accessories save for a hair tie that he keeps on his left wrist. It’s just a thin black one, nothing special. His Pokeballs hang from a loose chain that goes from his first belt loop on the front of his jeans to the one directly across from that in the back of his jeans.


    Typhlosion (M)

    -Sunny Day
    Typhlosion is Sahib’s main powerhouse and something akin to his best friend. Though Sahib has heard people say Typhlosion can’t become powerful Pokemon, he wouldn’t have anything else. He got Typhlosion as his first. At first the little guy was shy and hesitant, but then soon grew into a friendly Pokemon and a fierce battler. Typhlosion has lots of resistance, and won’t go down in battle without a tough fight. He battles more with his heart than his head. Typhlosion has a very close bond with Gallade, but he does often get into little spats with Kingdra.

    Kingdra (M)
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Dragon Dance
    -Hydro Pump
    Kingdra is more of a loner. He was one of the later additions to Sahib’s team, so he hasn’t quite warmed up to Sahib and the others as much as Sahib would like. Instead, Kingdra often trails off away from the other Pokemon unless he has no other choice. Kingdra is a cunning and focused Pokemon, making him a fairly dangerous battler. Kingdra finds Umbreon the most tolerable on Sahib’s team, and often has bouts with Typhlosion. Kingdra will work with Typhlosion if he must, however.

    Gallade (M)
    -Close Combat
    -Psycho Cut
    -Night Slash
    -Swords Dance
    Gallade is Sahib’s second strongest Pokemon. He was a gift from Sahib’s father, and has basically been with Sahib and Typhlosion since their journey began. Gallade is a silent fighter, so the phrase “silent but deadly” would fit him almost perfectly. He often doesn’t join in with group humor and such, but will occasionally break down his icy front and turn friendly. He’s very close to Typhlosion, and can work fine enough with all of the other Pokemon on Sahib’s team.

    Pidgeot (F)
    -Brave Bird
    -Air Slash
    -Mirror Move
    Pidgeot, though caught rather early on, is one of Sahib’s weaker Pokemon. She tries her hardest though, so Sahib isn’t too picky. She’s very friendly and enjoys joking around with other Pokemon on Sahib’s team, though most of them dislike when she does. Pidgeot just isn’t the type that you’d be able to stay mad at though, so generally she gets forgiven quickly. Sahib enjoys her bright atmosphere among his other mostly quiet and dark Pokemon.

    Umbreon (F)
    -Iron Tail
    -Shadow Ball
    Umbreon is fairly close to Kingdra in terms of personality. She tends to keep to herself, though she will join in with the group sometimes. She’s not very new, but she isn’t a very old Pokemon on Sahib’s team either. Umbreon enjoys taunting other Pokemon in battles by using Moonlight, though Sahib often warns her that it’s not a smart idea. She enjoys hanging around Kingdra, if only because the Pokemon is most like her, and often dislikes Pidgeot and her antics.

    Electivire (M)
    -Cross Chop
    -Ice Punch
    Electivire is a cocky Pokemon, straight up. He’s pretty new to Sahib’s team, but thinks he already owns the place. This annoys even Sahib sometimes, but Sahib brushes it off. Electivire is also a bit of a jokester, but most of his jokes aren’t as harmless as Pidgeot’s. He tends to stay away from joking with Kingdra and Umbreon though, seemingly for fear they’ll kick his butt. Electivire enjoys hanging around all the team save for the two previously mentioned.

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