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Chapter Fifteen
For the last week of school, Alyssa was free. The very day after graduation, she would begin her training as a Ranger. She chose to spend her week at home.

It wasn’t a very long walk to Chicole Village. She passed through Vientown, glancing longingly at the Ranger Base. She had learned that she would be stationed there; oh, how excited she was to begin working. She passed by it and walked Chicole Path to her hometown.

The village was small, but she was so happy to say that she hailed from it. She patted her untidy ponytail as she made her way to her house, eyes locked on it. It was a big red farmhouse. Her room was on the second floor, and it was rather large—it had enough room for her, Belle, and Cassandra to sleep. The only other room up there belonged to her older brother, who had run away from home at the age of thirteen. They hadn’t heard from him since then.

As Alyssa rounded the corner of her farmhouse and saw the front, she grinned broadly. A large banner was stretched over the door bearing the words Welcome Home Alyssa! in several different colors. She laughed and picked up the pace, jogging instead of walking, excited to see her parents again.

The door opened to reveal her mother in all her motherly glory. She had the same color hair as Alyssa, a pretty blue-green, and wore a faded blue dress. Her smile was the most beautiful thing Alyssa had seen in a long time; she dropped her bag on the ground and charged toward her mother, throwing her arms around her. “I missed you, Mom!”

“I missed you, too.” Diana Thompson hugged her daughter fiercely. “It certainly has been a while since we’ve gotten to see each other.”

“Where’s Dad?”

“He and Machamp are out in the field.” They released each other. Diana smiled. “Ambipom is upstairs tidying your room.”

“I’d better go put my stuff up there,” Alyssa remarked. She grabbed her messenger bag from the yard and walked upstairs to her room.

Ambipom was in there just as her mother had said; the Pokémon had joined their family as an Aipom before Alyssa had been born, and had evolved when she was three. She reached out and hugged it, laughing as all of its hands pressed against her back. “It’s good to see you, Ambipom.”


Alyssa went to her bed and placed her things on it. “You’ve done a great job with my room.”

“Am, ambipom,” Ambipom replied in thanks. It picked up the cleaning supplies it had left on her dresser. With one of its extra hands, it patted her on the head. “Ambi!” Then it turned and left the room.

Alyssa surveyed her room. It had been quite a while since she had been in here, let alone slept in her bed. She had forgotten how large the mirror on top of her dresser was; if she stood on her bed, she could see her whole body. Her nightstand still had a framed picture of her family. It consisted of her and her parents, Ambipom, and Machoke before he evolved into a Machamp. The only person missing was her brother. He had left a few weeks before the picture was taken. As a result, everyone had slightly sad smiles.

“Alyssa! Your friends are here!”

Alyssa ran to her window and looked out. Sure enough, there was a Skarmory in her yard. She squealed and ran downstairs, stumbling the last few steps and almost crashing into the kitchen counter. Belle and Cassandra stood in her kitchen, smiling at her with their familiar yet unfamiliar smiles.

“You’re graduating!” Cassandra yelled before throwing herself onto Alyssa.

“Don’t hog the hugs!” Belle cried, leaping out to join her.

Alyssa laughed as they shared a group hug.

Hey you guys,
I figured I’d leave you this note. I’ve gone to the beach in Vientown. Mom will give you directions. I didn’t want to wake you guys up; you’ve traveled a really long way. If you didn’t bring your bathing suits, I have some that might fit you in the top left drawer of my dresser. I’ll be waiting for you guys!
Love ya lots,
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