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    Right, here we go...

    Name: Brent Ingram
    Arena Name: Karmakazie
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    History: Brent was born in Fuschia City in the Kanto region. There, the standard of living for his family was pretty average - not terrible, but they weren't exactly surrounded by luxuries either. His mother had a job in an office based in the city, while his father worked in the Safari Zone. This was much to the constant amazement of Brent, as even at a young age, he loved getting shown around the safari park by his dad.

    As he grew older, he began to go to the park more and more, sometimes without his dad's assistance. Being raised an only child, he liked to bond with the pokemon there - sometimes spending hours talking to them. This was arguably the biggest part of Brents life at this point, it was always something to do when he was bored, to look forward to through school, and he usually helped his dad aswell. When he hit twelve years old, he asked his parents if he could get a pokemon and take on the Fuschia Gym, as the thought of being a trainer had grown on him over time. His father, having some connections, got him his favourite pokemon of the whole park - a Rhyhorn.

    Brent did try and challenge the gym, however he was inexperienced and lost. Nonetheless, he found it exhilerating, and decided to take it easy - starting from Pallet Town like most trainers. Over time, he began collecting badges like they were going out of fashion, and building a strong team at that. He visited home recently, after he found out his mother was pregnant, and that he would be getting a little brother. Overjoyed, this gave him the sudden urge to get the Viridian Gym badge and return home - at least he thought he would get home. Instead, they took him.

    Personality: Generally speaking, Brent is a nice person. Not nice as in a 'happy-go-lucky' sort of way, but nice as in friendly and trusting. He won't neccissarily throw himself out there into the converation, but he does enjoy speaking to others and making new friends. He is also thoughtful - aware of when others are annoyed or just want there own space for a minute. He will often lend a hand too whenever the need arises.

    Despite all of these factors, Brent isn't looked upon as Saint - nobody's perfect are they? He has found himself in arguments and fights plenty of times whenever he disagrees with someone. And he's never the knight in shining armour all the time: if something is out of his hands, then he worries.

    Appearance: Brent is fairly tall, being 6 feet and a few inches, and his legs are fairly lanky. His body in general is only slightly toned, and is a typical pale colour to it - although in the summer he will get a nice tan if he can. He dosen't really bother too much with growing his muscles or altering his physique to much, but does occasionally do his bit to keep in shape. Facially, he has began to develop more, leaving the younger teen look behind. He has a strong jawline, and all in all a 'bulky' structure. He keeps some stubble, but never likes it too long.

    Brent wears a white polo-shirt and a brown, denim jacket over the top. He also dons his black, baggy trousers complete with brown leather belt. He finds his baseball shoes most comfortable to wear, and he has a watch on one wrist, with a sweatband on the other.


    Ryperior (M)
    Stone Edge, Earthquake, Megahorn, Protect
    Rhyperior likes to assume the leader role of the team, as he was Brent's first pokemon. Even when he was a Rhyhorn, he was like his 'protector' as such (pardon the pun). Rhyperior has always felt like Brent's right hand man - and Brent feels the same way about him.

    Infernape (M)
    Fire Punch, Mach Punch, Thunderpunch, Swords Dance
    Brent caught Infernape as a Chimchar on Cinnibar Island while he was travelling to Pallet Town. Infernape is aware of it's power - and proud of it. He is the type of pokemon who likes to show off and impress others with his fighting ability.

    Tangrowth (M)
    Power Whip, Ancient Power, Mega Drain, Poison Jab
    Brent obtained Tangrowth third, just south of Pallet Town. Tangrowth is one of tose pokemon that dosen't go looking for fight, instead just lazing around and being more of a peace maker. However he battles when needed.

    Ursaring (M)
    Facade, Hammer Arm, Shadow Claw, Bulk Up
    Ursaring was actually won at the Celadon Game Corner. Due to this, it took time for the agressive young Teddiursa to warm to Brent, and often didn't obey him. However, Ursaring has regognised Brent's skill, and has gradually began to respect him.

    Crawdaunt (M)
    Crabhammer, Night Slash, X-Scissor, Dragon Dance
    As opposed to ursaring, Crawdaunt was quite fond of Brent, even when they first encountered each other near Cerulean. Crawdaunt is shyer than his teammates, and it has taken time for him to develop his true power. Although he is more confident now, there are still some slight improvements to be made.

    Froslass (F)
    Ominous Wind, Ice Beam, Psychic, Attract
    Froslass is the most recent addition to Brent's team. Brent found Froslass, already evolved, inside the Seafoam Isles while exploring - figuring an Ice type would be useful against the Viridian Gym. Froslass is a quiet pokemon, however she is quite flirtacious and can be dangerous.

    - Pokemon watching
    - Video games
    - Battling
    - Having conversations with his pokemon

    Forum Activity: Usually daily However come February my exams might get in the way >.>

    Theme Song: Don't Stop Believin' - Glee (Argh! Can't get it out of my head >.<)

    There we are Just to clarify - I was unsure if you were accepting reservations or not, so sorry if you're already full :O
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