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    Chapter Nineteen
    Belle stepped into the train station and adjusted her hat better on her head. Charmy reached up and held her hand like a four-year-old.


    She turned in the direction of the voice, catching a flash of tousled blonde hair. “Derrick?”

    He grinned broadly as she came over towards him. “Surprised?”

    “What are you doing here? I said I’d meet you at the Pokémon Center.”

    “Well, I figured that it would be nice if someone was here at the station waiting for you. So, what’s the plan? Do you want to stay the night at the Center, rest up a bit, or do you want to go ahead to Vermilion City now? I’d recommend waiting, actually. The past week must have been tiring. Here, let me get your bag.”

    Belle smiled. It was really sweet of him to think of her.

    They walked to the Pokémon Center together. Derrick asked about her trip and listened with great enthusiasm as she told him of first Alyssa’s graduation speech, then Cassandra’s fantastic come-from-behind victory.

    “Your friends sound almost as great as you,” he said.

    Belle smiled again. “You know, I think they’re even better.”

    “Nah,” Derrick said as the Pokémon Center door slid open. It was quite busy; people milled about the lobby, talking and laughing. Belle sighed as she looked around.

    “It’s going to be hard to find a place to sleep.”

    “Oh, so you’re going to stay the night?”

    “Yeah, I’d better.”

    “Well, it won’t be hard for you to get a place. Come on.” He led her through the crowd and waved at Nurse Joy as he passed by the counter and went into the back. He led her past the Pokémon being tended by Chansey and into a back room.

    “This is where Nurse Joy set you up,” Belle observed. Derrick set her bag gently on the floor beside the bed.

    “Yep. And you’ll sleep here tonight.”

    “With you?” Belle was thunderstruck.

    “No,” Derrick said quickly. “You’ll sleep in here, and I’ll go find a place out there.”

    “But this is the place you’ve been sleeping

    “And you’re tired, right? Sleep here.” He gathered his things. “I’ll just go ahead and claim a space now.”

    “Derrick, wait!”

    “I’m not changing my mind,” he told her, pausing at the doorway. Belle smiled at him.

    “I know. Thank you.”

    He smiled back. “You’re welcome. Hey, once you get settled, we’ll go eat some dinner. Sound good?”



    The next morning, Derrick knocked softly on Belle’s door. When she called for him to come in, he entered to see her already dressed and packing her things.

    “Oh…I thought I’d have to wake you up.”

    “I’ve always been an early riser. Dad used to say that was the first sign of a Pokémon Trainer.” She paused, surprised that she had just said that.
    Derrick seemed to sense the change in atmosphere.

    “Used…to say?”

    “Yeah. Dad…died.”

    “Oh.” He came to kneel beside her. “How old were you?”

    “Eight," she replied, a bit uncomfortably.

    “I was nine.”

    Belle looked over at him. She only saw his profile; he didn’t look at her. He reached forward and picked up a shirt that she had been meaning to grab off the floor, folding it idly. “We lived on Cinnabar Island…me, Mom, Dad, and Koko.”


    “My little sister.” He placed the shirt on her bag. “She was three. We were all fishing…Koko fell in, and Dad went in after her." A strange smile seemed to touch Derrick's lips. "He...was a little afraid of water." The smile disappeared, and he slowly pushed Belle's bag towards her, not looking at her. "A Tentacruel came up, and…Koko never surfaced. Dad was poisoned to death.” His whole body seemed to be rigid as he spoke.

    Belle blinked and found her vision blurry. She turned away and shoved the folded shirt inside her bag, wiping away her tears as she did so. “I…I’m sorry. Is your mom worried about you?” She glanced over her shoulder at him. Derrick didn’t reply; he was, instead, smiling in a sad sort of way at the floor.

    “So, uh…Didja catch any new Pokémon since I was gone?”

    “Yeah. I caught a Geodude.” Derrick passed a hand in front of his eyes; Belle looked away. “I went back to Mount Moon to get it.”

    “Wait.” Belle closed up her bag and stood up. “You went back to Mount Moon by yourself, after you made that big stink about not wanting me to go there alone?”

    Derrick looked up at her and smiled. “Pretty much.”

    Belle shook her head. “Well, I’m all packed. Let’s get a move on, shall we?”
    He nodded and stood; Belle looked down at the floor and noticed a bit of water glistening where Derek had knelt.


    [email protected]
    From: [email protected]
    Subject: Oh really?
    It’s nice to hear that I’m not the only flypaper for freaks in the world.

    But does your traveling companion have a tragic past? MINE DOES. Get this…when he was nine, he lost both his father and HIS THREE-YEAR-OLD SISTER. In one shot! His sister drowned and his father was poisoned by a Tentacruel trying to save her.
    I CRIED. And so did he. He tried not to let me see, but I saw. 0.o

    Well, I’m in the Vermilion City Pokémon Center right now. I caught a Diglett at Diglett Cave. Derrick had caught a Geodude, and I couldn’t let him have more Pokémon than me!! Also, I needed a Ground Type to use against Lt. Surge. Plus…
    Don’t judge me…
    I think Diglett is cute.

    Oh, I think Derrick’s coming out of the bathroom. I don’t want him to know that I’m blabbing about his tragic past, so I’ve gotta wrap this up.

    Love your turning-girly friend (YEEUUCCKK!),
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