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    Official AshGray Guide

    Hack Made
    Guide Written

    Things You Will Need

    Lunar IPS (LIPS)

    Visual Boy Advance (VBA)
    Clean Pokémon FireRed ROM (Google it!)

    IPS Mac (MIPS)
    Visual Boy Advance (VBA)
    Clean Pokémon FireRed ROM (Google it!)

    Table Of Contents
    Download And Start Playing AshGray
    The Guide
    -Pallet Town

    Hello everyone! I hope you read and find my guide useful as I continue to update it. I've noticed there's been many questions about "How do I download this amazing game?" or "Where do I go from here?" Well, this guide aims to cover all of that. If you have any questions about AshGray's development, then please post your questions in the main thread. If you have any questions about where you should go next, or where to get a certain Pokémon, then post your question here. You can also post any bugs or glitches you find in AshGray, as I will make a list for metapod23.

    Download And Start Playing AshGray
    First, go to the Official Thread. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the very first post, and click the link to the most recent version. Click "Save", and choose a secret place that nobody knows about. After that, download Lunar IPS (LIPS). The next thing you should do is download a clean Pokémon FireRed ROM (Can't give you a link; just Google it). Open LIPS, find the AshGray file you saved earlier and double click it. Then find the clean FireRed ROM you downloaded, and double click that. You did it! You can now play Pokémon AshGray! But wait… What do you play it on? Click the Visual Boy Advance link at the top of the thread. Save it. Open VBA (Visual Boy Advance) and click on file. Click open, and find the FireRed file you patched AshGray to. (Remember that it’s the FireRed ROM, not the AshGray file!)

    Stuck on how to proceed from the start screen? Or want to make custom controls?

    Face/Move Up - Up Arrow
    Face/Move Down - Down Arrow
    Face/Move Left - Left Arrow
    Face/Move Right - Right Arrow
    Z - Interact/Talk/Proceed

    X - Cancel/Say No

    - Help Key
    S - Help Key

    Backspace - Select
    Enter - Start Menu
    Space Bar - Fast Forward

    Capture - F12

    Custom Controls -
    (Options - Joypad - Configure - 1)

    The Guide

    Pallet Town
    Once you’ve gone through Professor Oak’s introduction, you will notice that you start in your room. You will also notice that trying to walk down the stairs is also going to end up in complete failure. So, you take your mothers advice. Walk up to the Poké Ball by your desk and press the Z key. Say yes, and then walk over to your bed. Stop directly on the nice and comfy pillow. Now face down and tap Z. Running through a sleek cut scene, you'll enjoy thinking about Bulbasaur and Squirtle and Charmander and - oh no! You're late! So quickly run downstairs and walk outside. You can talk to your mom, though she just says that your late (Thanks for waking me up, mom!).

    Now, you'll notice if you walk north a girl will stop you, telling you to visit Professor Oak. So travel south, and stop by the other houses in Pallet Town (It’s not necessary but it's fun to see what they say!). Once you see two red posts, and a yellow path, head up it. Trying to enter the door, you'll be stopped by Gary (Or whatever you named your Rival). Listen to what he has to say (Although it's not interesting: lol), and walk through the door. You may go out the back door, but there are just some Pokémon out there. Walk up the stairs, and talk to Professor Oak. He'll talk about receiving a Pokémon, etc., etc. Interact with all three Poké Balls. Once all three are open, talk to the Professor once more. Finally, you'll receive Pikachu! Oak will also give you a Pokédex (Lazy old duff). After he's done giving his speech, walk downstairs and go out the front door and down the path. Your mom will come up to you. She gives you Running Shoes and a handy Fame Checker. Congratulations! You can now run! Just hold the X button down and tap the direction you want to go! Traveling north, the girl should be gone, therefore, you can take your first step in becoming the Pokemon Master! (And out of Pallet Town).

    -Computer dialogue box sticks to screen until it is refreshed.