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    Chapter Twenty-One
    Belle blew gently on her coffee before raising the cup to her lips. The Vermilion City Pokémon Center was deserted; all the trainers that had been there the day before had left, either because they were going to challenge Lieutenant Surge or because they had already challenged him and needed to move onto Erika in Celadon. Belle and Derrick sat alone at a table, eating breakfast. They had decided to wait to take their gym challenge until all the trainers had finished. Neither of them had any desire to wait in a long line.

    Belle set her coffee cup down and looked up at the TV absently. It was on the channel that played news all the time. She blinked. The pictures changed and the anchorwoman talked, but Belle didn’t take in any meaning.

    “Oh, not again,” Derrick moaned suddenly. She glanced over at him; he was looking up at the television. “Nurse Joy, could you turn up the TV?”

    “Certainly.” Nurse Joy picked up the remote from behind the counter and turned the volume up.

    another Snorlax has fallen asleep. Anyone wishing to travel from Vermilion City must take the Lavender Town route.” The picture cut to a video of a large, slumbering Snorlax right in the middle of the path. Several people were dancing around it, yelling and pushing at it. “Police say that when the Snorlax has moved, the public will be notified.”

    The anchorwoman appeared again and went off on some other story. Derrick moaned and slumped onto the table. “Those stupid Snorlax! I swear, they fall asleep in the most inconvenient places at the most inconvenient times. It’s like the world wants you to go out of your way sometimes for stupid reasons. I don’t want to go to Lavender Town. Let’s just stay here until the Snorlax moves.”

    “No way!” Belle cried. “There’s no telling how long that’ll be! In Johto, there’s a weird tree right outside Goldenrod City that blocks the road, and you have to water it with a watering can. It freaks out and runs away, but there it is again the next day. And there’s no way around it unless you have this special watering can. With this, at least there’s a way around. We’re challenging Lieutenant Surge this afternoon, and then we’re setting off for Lavender Town.”

    “But Lavender Town is haunted,” Derrick whined. “Isn’t it, Nurse Joy? You have a sister in Lavender Town, right?”

    Nurse Joy smiled. “Well, yes, but she says that it’s really not so bad there.”

    “See, Derrick? You have nothing to worry about. I’m going, with or without you.”

    Derrick groaned and threw himself face down on the table again as Belle calmly took a sip of her coffee.


    Belle was feeling confident. With a Diglett, Lieutenant Surge had no chance of getting an attack in. She had progressed past his traps and stood before him, staring at him from under the brim of her hat.

    “Go! Magneton!”

    Crap. Magneton didn’t touch the ground, so Ground-type moves wouldn’t work on it. But it was part Steel…

    “Charmy! Let’s go!” Belle tossed Charmy’s Poké Ball out onto the arena, and her Charmander broke free of it.

    “Thunderbolt, Magneton!”

    “Use Ember, Charmy!”

    Charmy did so; the Fire-type move hit Magneton so hard that it was blown backwards a bit.

    Lieutenant Surge’s face darkened considerably. Already his Magneton was hurt, and even burned. It hadn’t even attacked. Its three eyes seemed to point at each other. “Come on, Magneton! Use Thunder Wave!”

    “Don’t let it attack, Charmy! Ember again!”

    Charmy obeyed quite well. Magneton was toast; it fell to the ground, whirring tiredly, and the gym’s referee held up Belle’s colored flag.

    “Magneton is unable to battle. Challenger wins!”

    Belle folded her arms as Lt. Surge withdrew Magneton. “You shouldn’t look so smug, young lady,” he told her in a gruff voice as he picked another Poké Ball off his belt. “This next Pokémon is my last…and I can pretty much guarantee that ” Surge stopped.

    Belle followed his gaze to see a glowing Charmy standing where a non-glowing Charmy had stood just seconds before. “What? Charmy is evolving!” she cried out.

    Charmy glowed brighter until he seemed composed of nothing but bright white light, and then his shape started to shift and turn; he grew taller, and a spike grew out of his once-round head. His arms got longer, his legs got thicker, his tail stretched just a tiny bit. Then the light faded, revealing a Pokémon that was red instead of orange, with a much fiercer gaze and long claws.

    Lt. Surge was the one who broke the silence. “Your Charmy evolved into Charmeleon!”

    “Oh,” Belle said. Charmy was now almost as tall as she was; when it came running back to her, arms outstretched to hug her, its head came to right underneath her breasts, and its head-spike protruded up past them. She placed a hand on the back of Charmy’s head. “Good job, Charmy. I’m so proud of you.”


    “Okay, enough of the mushy love,” Surge barked. “Raichu!”

    Raichu, although absolutely adorable, looked rather fierce. It bared its fangs as it burst out of the Poké Ball, thrashing its strange whip-like tail over its head. Belle withdrew Charmy to his Poké Ball and pulled a different one off her belt.

    Well, it wasn’t really a belt. It was more like a loop of material that she kept slung ****-eyed around her hips, so that one side was up near her waist. But for simplicity’s sake, she called it a belt.

    “It’s your turn, Diglett!”

    “Diglett?” Surge muttered as the Pokémon appeared before him. His eyes widened.

    “Use Dig!”

    And then the Diglett disappeared. Shloop! and it was gone. Belle smiled grimly as she realized that she was using much the same technique as Sakura Konohana had against Cassandra.

    “We’ve encountered this before, Raichu!” Surge shouted. “Feel the vibrations of the ground!”

    Raichu went down on all fours, putting all of its limbs to the challenge. It closed its eyes and Belle bit her lip.

    “Diglett, stop!” she cried. “Stay still!”

    Lt. Surge folded his arms over his chest. “Ah. Giving up?”

    Raichu stood, folding its own little arms and wearing much the same expression a sideways smirk.

    Belle grinned back. “I’d never give up. Now!” she shouted. Diglett surfaced right underneath Raichu, throwing the Pokémon up into the air. It squealed, but it righted itself and landed unharmed and catlike.


    “Impressive,” Surge told her. “But I am a Gym Leader. I have seen most things. Raichu! Tackle!”


    Schloop! Diglett disappeared under the ground and Raichu sailed over it.

    “Magnitude!” Belle cried.

    And Diglett, summoning all its strength, managed a beautiful Magnitude 8. Raichu was unable to escape as the ground shook.

    “Now, Dig!”

    With the whole floor shaking, Raichu was unable to sense Diglett’s vibrations and dodge; this time, when Diglett hit it, it went sailing into the air and landed in a crumpled heap. It was so fainted it might as well have had Xs over its eyes.

    “Raichu is unable to battle! Challenger wins the match!”

    Surge withdrew Raichu and stepped forward as Belle jumped up and down happily. The ground ceased its shaking and Diglett happily burrowed its way over to Belle, stopping in front of her to receive its praise. “Diglett dig!”

    “Yeah, Diglett dig,” Belle told it, patting it. “You did a really good job.” She pulled out the Pokémon’s Poké Ball and allowed it to return before standing up. Lt. Surge came to a stop in front of her.

    “You fought well,” he said, pulling a hand out of his pocket. He opened his fist; inside it was the Thunder Badge. “You’ve earned this.”

    “Thank you so much!” Belle gasped, grabbing the badge from his hands. “Oh, thank you!” She looked up into his harsh, unsmiling face. “How many of these do you go through a year?”

    “You’re asking about a year?” he said. “The numbers I go through a week are staggering, and you wanna know about a year?”

    Belle glanced back at the floor behind Surge. “Um…sorry about that.” It was now split by numerous cracks and fissures.

    “I lead an Electric-type gym. People bring Ground-type Pokémon. It happens all the time. You…you’re intuitive. And very familiar-looking. What’s your name?”

    “Belle,” she replied. “Belle Caldwell.”

    “Caldwell?” Surge frowned. “You know a man by the name of Daniel?”

    “He was my father,” Belle replied.

    Surge continued looking at her quizzically. “Was your father.”

    “Yes. He…died.”

    Surge closed his eyes and nodded. “I’m sorry to hear that. He was a strong man.”

    “You knew him?”

    “Of course I did. Before I shipped out to join the army, he came here to challenge the gym. He had an Ivysaur. I challenged him to a battle, and…well…he beat me.” Surge laughed. “That Ivysaur was damn strong.”

    “I used to play with him,” Belle said. “Well…by the time I was born, he was a Venosaur, but…”

    “Yeah, my son used to play with Raichu here. But listen, Belle. You share your father’s talent and instincts. You keep listening to your gut and keep training.”

    Belle smiled. “Thanks, Lieutenant Surge.”

    She stayed to watch Derrick battle Surge. He did quite well, seeing as Geodude had actual arms and could pick Raichu up. When they left the city together, they both clutched Thunder Badges.

    [email protected]é, [email protected]
    From: [email protected]é
    Subject: THUNDER BADGE!!!
    That’s right ladies, Belle Caldwell has got THREE BADGES. Oh, and to top it all off, Charmy evolved into Charmeleon. Yup! I have now got an evolved Pokémon on my team. w00t!!
    Oh, Alyssa, Derrick’s tragic past his little sister drowned and his dad got poisoned by a Tentacruel trying to save her.
    I cried when he told me!! Also, I have a Diglett now. Don’t think I informed you. Sooo, how was your first daaaay??
    And how’s the road, Cassandra?
    Well, I’d better get going. It’s off to spooky haunted Lavender Town for me!!
    Love from crazy excited,

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