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    Pokemon Stardust
    Background Info:
    This hack is made up of maps that I would draw out when I was a little kid playing Red Blue and Yellow, and of some new maps that I've created recently. As these maps I drew as a little kid were mostly on notebook pages (and the rare occasional back of used desk calendars) they were a bit small- if maps seem this way in game, that is one reason why. Also, the storyline didn't exist many years ago when I drew these maps, so please bare with the simplistic storyline. I've been working on this hack over a period of 1.5 years, while attending college. As I'm still in college, updates might be sparadic at times, so please be patient. As for my goal for this hack, I hope that it's challenging, unlike many of the newer generation games.

    The storyline takes place 2-3 years after heart gold and soul silver. Team Rocket has taken over Olivine city in Johto and is causing quite the commotion by restricting supplies to get to the islands to the southwest of johto. Not only that, but the Rockets are planning to cripple the many towns and cities that line this region and steal pokemon and valuable items. A team of unknown trainers are all that stand in their way.

    • No choice in starter pokemon.
    • New Tileset (Thanks to WAH I believe for the rom base- if im wrong please correct me, it's been over a year and a half since I downloaded it.)
    • Challenging Battles
    • Competitive Movesets
    • MANY, and I mean MANY new Songs added to the game (see videos section to listen for yourself.)
    • Not as linear as newer pokemon games (after the first gym, and second gym you have options on which way you want to go and in what order to tackle the gyms in.)
    • New Sprites (eventually- not my first priority)
    • New Legendary Pokemon
    • All pokemon catchable
    • Trade with other 3rd Gen Games!
    • Visit other regions!
    • A hidden sidequest after you beat the game.

    Known Bugs:
    • After getting the pokedex, the first shop will not let you buy things in the shop.
    • Some tile errors (mostly in the first maps.) This is due to Advancemap not letting me use the block editor without turning things black. They shall be fixed as soon as I figure out how to get around this error.
    • When you are fighting a certain opponent in the POWER TOWER, if one of your pokemon faints you must go to the pokemon screen again after sending out your next pokemon or the game will freeze.
    • The game will alert you to the previous bug and remind you to go back to the pokemon screen.
    • Daycare Door doesn't work just yet. I'm trying to modify the daycare slightly, so no daycare just yet.
    Music looped and in game:
    • Battle Theme from Ryuusei no Rockman 3
    • Gym Leader Castle from Pokemon Stadium 2

    Video 1: Battle Music Test

    Video 2: Battle vs ??? in ??? Town

    Video 3: The Mountainside Area

    Video 4: I'm So Evil / The Rocket's New Plan

    Video 5: Clock Town?

    Q:Can I be a beta tester?
    A: No, I don't really believe in beta testers. Besides, I have my friends at college to do this.

    Q: Can I help with x?
    A: Possibly. If you want to help with spriting, I would like to know other hacks that you've worked on and to see a sample of your work (splicing several pokemon sprites together or doing recolors is not work.)
    Mapping- no thanks
    Scripting- Possibly in the future, but as of right now I'm fine scripting.
    Music- I can do most music hacking perfectly. Although right now Sappy is busted and refuses to work...

    Q: When will you release this hack?
    A: Whenever I feel that it's ready to be released, if at all.

    Q:You should add x feature.
    A: Possibly in later updates, and that was a statement not a question!

    Q: Why don't you post screenshots?
    A: Because in one video, there are hundreds of screenshots! Also, because then you can hear the music aswell .

    Q: How can I support your hack?
    A: Post on this thread, ask questions, comment, ect. Also, if you really want to support the hack, I've made a userbar for signatures:

    HTML Code:
    I hope you enjoy!


    Beta 1:
    You can get the first gym badge.

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