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    Alright everyone, I finally got everything worked out with my router! If you're on the pending trades list and you're ready to trade, post here!!

    @Gismo - The Jolly Deoxys is already being traded, unfortunately.

    @Melon - Alright. If you'll shoot me a VM, we can continue talking about it and I can chain one as soon as I get all of these pending trades done.

    @KayKayMusume - Hmm... I may be interested in the Jirachi.

    @Matz - I'd be interested in the Shiny Pidgeot. Also, if you can actually get my SID, I'd be more than happy to give you a free Shiny of your choice.

    @SCV058 - Of course. Could you provide more details?

    @Lua - Right now if you want. :D

    *********NEWS UPDATE**********

    Alright everyone, GREAT news! I'm sure you've noticed, my inventory is substantially lower than other large shops in these forums. Well, just for your information, that will be changing soon. I've taken a liking to 2 techniques - Chaining and RNGing - that can quickly get me Shiny Pokemon in a legit way. As for the EV'd, Legendaries, and Events, you better believe I'll be getting more of those as well.

    Also, just fyi, my ultimate goal for total number of shinies in my shop is 500.

    One last thing, I'll be sorting all of my Pokemon in each section by order of National Dex (#001 = Bulbasaur) very shortly to give you an easier browsing experience. Stay tuned!
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