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    Chapter 1

    A man was driving near a dojo called The Flaming Fist School near Saffron city to look for some challengers. He was wearing a black leather jacket, black jeans, gloves, sunglasses and a bandanna round his head. Judging by the beard hes got, people would say that he was thirty years old, and thats true. This man was known as Black Jack.

    Recently after the destruction of the Team Rocket base, Black Jack set off to look for strong trainers but not one was worthy to beat him, so far he had a winning streak of 600-0.

    He stopped by the dojo and entered it. He noticed that the pokemon and their trainers training with each other. Further ahead was an old man in Chinese clothing seated next to a Blaziken. It turned out that the old man was the sensei of the dojo. The sensei, the pokemon and their trainers noticed Black Jack standing by the door.

    May we help you, stranger? asked the sensei of the dojo.

    Black Jack introduced himself. The names Black Jack, he said. And Im looking for worthy opponents. Any champions or future champions here?

    One of the students stepped up to Black Jacks challenge. Ill battle you, he said.

    Thirty seconds later, a Hitmonchan was knocked out after just one Slash attack by Feraligatr. Black Jack called back his Feraligatr.

    Black Jack shook his head in disappointed. What was that? he muttered.

    Dont jump to conclusions, the sensei responded. The boy has only just started in my dojo and hes only testing his skill. Now, allow me to challenge you.

    And who are you? Black Jack asked.
    Master Wong, the sensei answered.
    Hmm, I hope age hasnt got to you when youre battling me.

    The sensei smiles. Blaziken!

    Blaziken jumped out of his seated position and into his fighting stance. Black Jack called out his Tyranitar. Black Jack knew that Blaziken is a fire and fighting type, and that it has high stats in both physical and elemental attacks but it has low defence stats in both categories. While Tyranitar is a rock and dark type, and is very high in physical attacks and defence. This should prove to be an interesting match.

    Tyranitar! Tackle attack! Black Jack shouted.
    Sky Uppercut. Wong ordered.

    As Tyranitar charged at Blaziken, Blaziken tried to perform a Sky Uppercut. Both pokemon quickly dodged each others attacks.

    For a large pokemon, Black Jack, hes very quick. Said Wong. But Blaziken is quicker.
    The best has yet to come, old man, Black Jack replied.

    Blaziken and Tyranitar stood their grounds and walked round looking and focusing at each other.

    Blaziken, Comet Punch now! Wong commanded.
    Tyranitar! Defend! Black Jack shouted. Block each of his punches.

    Blaziken ran and gave out punches while Tyranitar quickly blocks them until Black Jack spotted a slow moment in one of Blazikens punches.

    Counter with Body Slam attack! Black Jack shouted.

    Tyranitar quickly grabbed Blazikens body and slammed him on the ground five times.

    Now, Seismic Toss!

    Tyranitar tossed Blaziken into the air and he landed on his back. Blaziken quickly picked himself up, looking unhurt, even though he had his hand on his lower back.

    Your Blazikens tough, Black Jack said.
    Hes young, and yet so strong and talented, Wong replied.
    Hmm. Tyranitar! Tackle attack!
    Again? Blaziken! Counter!

    Tyranitar charged at Blaziken. Blaziken tried to counter back but misses.

    Tyranitar! Black Jack shouted. Punch back!

    Tyranitar went to punch Blaziken, but he blocked the attack and countered back and punched Tyranitar on the chest. Tyranitar staggered back.

    Now, Blaziken! Wong shouted. Crane stance and Fury Attack!

    Blaziken stood on one leg with his arms spread out and charged at Tyranitar at high speed and his hands / paws became shaped like a beak of a bird pokemon. Neither Black Jack nor Tyranitar saw that coming.

    Blaziken began poking viciously and strongly at Tyranitars chest and ended the combo by using his Sky Uppercut attack. Tyranitar fell to the floor but quickly picked himself up, holding his chin where the pain was.

    Unpredictable, fast and strong. It seems to me that were evenly matched, mate, Black Jack said.
    Dont be too sure, youngster. Why dont we end this match on one final attack? the sensei replied.

    They both shout out their final attack at the same time.

    Tyranitar! Hyper Beam!
    Blaziken! Hyper Beam!

    Tyranitar breathed in while Blaziken charged up his powers and energy began glowing on the palm of his hands. They were both about to unleash his attack when all of the sudden, Sensei began to feel pain and started coughing out blood. Everyone turned their attention to their sensei while Blaziken and Tyranitar stopped their attack. Sensei fell to the floor, coughing out blood and holding on to his chest, where the pain was. Blaziken became the most concerned out of everyone. He, Black Jack and Tyranitar ran to Senseis aid. Black Jack told the kids to call an ambulance.

    The sensei in his dying state said, Black Jack look after Blaziken for me.

    Then the Sensei fell silent and motionless

    Blaziken became desperate with sadness as he tried to revive his teacher. He tried shaking him, mouth-to-mouth breathing, pushing his heart, everything. Blazikens tears were flowing as he desperately tried everything he can to revive his teacher, non-stop. Some of the pokemon tried to stop him but he fended them off. Black Jack punched him in the face to knock him out. The student trainers became startled by Black Jacks actions.

    One of you kids take Blaziken to bed, said Black Jack. One of you, call an ambulance.

    No one noticed this, but Black Jack had shock in his eyes. But he also had a feeling that a healthy old man wouldnt die like that. Could it be that he was poisoned?
    More coming!! Reviews please!!
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