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    Well since there are still slots open. I thought why not?

    Name: Cawdor

    Species: Totodile

    Appearance: While most Totodile are brightly colored blue with a red stripe, Cawdor is slightly different. His coloring is more leaned toward grey-ish blue with his red stripe being more dulled. Draped around his neck is a thin veil of yellow cloth. Almost like a scarf, a memento from a past experience and wanderer he made friends with and never saw again.

    Personality: Most Totodiles being happy-go-lucky, Cawdor is slightly different. He puts on a visage of maturity to hide a sort of social awkwardness. The thought he is not exactly sane comes to mind while talking to him. He doesn't seem to have a very firm grasp of reality and tends to make inane jokes or one liners when the mood doesn't call for it. But also unlike most of his species Cawdor doesn't seem to like straight battles. Preferring to talk his way out of disagreements rather then attack.

    If anything the main thing Cawdor desires is companionship, and someone to talk to. Which he often does naturally with inanimate objects and even himself.

    Background and History: Cawdor grew up on his lonesome in an abandoned Pokemon museum. Looking and gazing at long deceased relics of creatures both recent and old.

    The only companions he has ever had were usually drifting wanderer pokemon. Even then he found himself succumbing to loneliness and putting a social guise around himself to gain attention. This usually didn't work and failure only made him loose track of reality. Most of the time he spends around said museum. Yet he does find reasons to trek out to parts unknown from time to time.


    RP sample:

    The river was smiling at him.

    Well not to say the river didn't usually smile. It was one of his favorite things to look at, that and the trees. The ones he had named around his home. Scraggly oak trees that had been there for centuries. Ones that reached out to the heavens and seemed to go beyond them. Cawdor found little pleasure in forests however, preferring to look at them from the riverbank.

    Of course the river had a name too. It was called "Ryan" and was one of Cawdor's friends. The last Pokemon he had seen looked strangely at him when he mentioned it. Calling him "Not exactly there" and disappearing into the woods. He had always shrugged it off and continued to talk to the rapid body of water. Hoping to see another new friend if possible. The only Pokemon he had seen ride the river was a Crocodile, who called him a runt and pilfered his food stores. It was all well and good for Cawdor, he learned a new word. Which he still didn't fully understand the meaning of.

    The smile faded from the river, and Cawdor felt sad once more. He turned around back toward the museum and saw the sun was starting to set.
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